Best bag to hold a 15" Macbook

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  1. Which bag would best support the weight and size of a 15" Macbook Pro and still remain comfortable on the shoulder?

    1. NF GM
    2. Totally GM
    3. Icare
    4. Palermo GM
    5. Delightful MM or GM
    6. Other (pls specify)

    Thanks all!
  2. icare
  3. damier graphite steeve
  4. Not the NF. From what I've read, the weight would cause the straps to dig into your shoulder uncomfortably.

    After using the icare all day, i'm going to go with that. But whatever you get, go with something that has thicker, preferably flat straps IMO. They will be more comfortable.
  5. I've carried mine in my Delightful MM, Galliera GM, Tivoli GM, and Deauville. The Delightful and Galliera were the most comfortable.

    I'm not a fan of the neverfull, and feel as if the straps will snap if to much weight is placed in there. I've never tested it though.
  6. Beaubourg
  7. I carry mine in my Neverfull GM + books and papers, and have never had a problem with it.
  8. I use my Palermo Gm
  9. I use my totally MM to fit my netbook (10 inch) comfortablly. I'm sure it will fit in GM nicely too :smile:
    I usually use my nf GM to fit my laptop (14inch) with lots of room available. However, I agree with Jaydensmommy, it can get a bit heavy at times with the thin straps (although I've never had mine snap even with it filled up).
  10. I'm actually currently saving up for a Palermo GM to fit my laptop and other stuff as well for on-the-go. The NF is a great everyday bag, but the straps are too thin and it gets uncomfortable when loaded once the straps dig in the shoulders.
  11. Oh, but the Icare is a beauty!!! And totally the best for your Macbook. I just opted for the Palermo GM for now because I can still use the bag for other things aside from daily lugging of stuff. :smile:
  12. There's a YouTube video about the weight that can be supported in a NF and it's over a hundred pounds if I remember (they put a girl "in" the bag and lift her.) However,there is no information about how uncomfortable a NF with the much weight in it would feel on a shoulder!
  13. Icaaaaaare! It's SO comfortable, and the laptop 'catcher' thingy inside keeps it sitting upright and not slopping around. Everything stays neat and organised, no constant adjusting of whatever's digging into your liver. The strap is brilliant, no matter how heavy the bag is it's super comfy. LOVE.
  14. Icare definitely.
  15. Icare for sure.