Best bag for wearing across your body

  1. For international travel, bags with a strap that can be worn across the body seem safer to me. If you were traveling, what would be your favorite bag for holding passport, tickets, etc.?
  2. The pochette twin GM comes to mind when you want something small! :smile:
  3. across the body?...hmmm...I'd say Blois cuz it's roomy but I personally don't like it cuz it's "thick".
    I have a Trotteur which is more for casual days and I wear it just on my shoulder tho, not across (cuz I don't like having the strap stuck in between my boobs lol).
  4. Abesses, Sologne, Boulogne
  5. I really thought that I wouldn't like the MC Rift when i saw it on Elux but when I saw it at the store OMG IT'S SOOOOO CUTE!! I don't like the price of it though.
  6. I use long strap tango [​IMG]
  7. Pochette Bosphore, Pochette Marly Bandouliere and Pochette Cite are all small enough not to get in your way when travelling and secure enough when worn across your body.
  8. I use trocadero..outside compartment is perfect for tissue or boarding pass, ticket, passport.
  9. I like the tambourin, so cute !
  10. I have the monogram musette and love it. Its great for travel because its hands free and it holds a ton
  11. tulum? but that's kind of big for travel? :smile:
  12. i use my Monogram Musette Salsa. it's a great bag; not too big, not too small, and it can hold my wallet, passport, tickets, phone, keys and even makeup :yes:
  13. I forgot the actual launch date... but The Damier collection is launching The Pochette Plate... its similar in dimensions to The Pochette Bosphore in Monogram...however, The Pochette Plate will have another pocket on the outside...with a clasp snap entry to get into that 2nd pocket.

    (THATS if you like The Damier collection - I think it'll be a hit when it launches...) :yahoo:
  14. ^ OOH !That Damier sounds HOT!I cant wait till the new messengers come out...