Best bag for vacation?

Apr 22, 2007
I've been wanting to get a new bag for the summer, but I'm stuck on what style to choose. I plan on going to some amusement parks or the beach... so I want a bag thats going to be easy to carry and not get in the way too much. What bag do you ( or would you) use for summer trips?
well if you want it for travel
the luna or trenino are good

if you want to carry it IN the partk

then id say ciao, ciao ciao, campeggio. stellina

depending on how much you need to carry
oh wow good question.

For the beach I'd say a BV just because it looks like you can carry a lot in there.

For amusement parks .. maybe a stellina?

lol eh I guess I'm not one to answer this since I only go to the beach when I'm on vacation and I don't really go to amusement parks.
i personally think a ciao is great for an amusement park, partly because if you go on any rides and such it's not too bulky that you can't carry it on and since it zips up so well nothing will fly out. i wish last summer when i was trying to get over my fear of coasters that i had a ciao i always had to make my boyfriend at the time carry my crap, haha.

some people think the ciao is too small but in an amusement park you may not really need a lot, or at least i don't. and with it being able to go unfolded and expand out you get a lot more space.

as for the beach a lot of people like the bv. i 'm not a beach person, red head naturally sun hates me and i cannot swim, but i imagine if i go sit at the beach i'd take a bv.

i'm so long winded today.
I'd say a stellina if you go somewhere like a park becuase you can make the strap longer and put it cross body if you need to, or shorten it up to make a shoulder purse..if you are talking travel..I'd recommend a Trenino. I have 2 now and I just used one last weekend and was amazed at all the stuff i could stuff into it. It was really heavy when I got done, but I like having a Toki carry on. If only they made like some real roll on luggage with Toki...
When I went to LA few weeks ago, I took my Campeggio (to go shopping, sightseeing, etc). I did take one nicer LV bag for nights out to dinner and stuff. I bought a Luna in LA to carry my dirty clothes home in, so I had room in my suitcases for all my goodies I brought home... :smile: It came in handy!!