Best Bag for Travel?

  1. I'm new to collecting Tokidoki, and I have a quick question. :3 I know similar threads have been posted, but I can't find this exact question...let me know if I missed something!

    I've seen the posts about using Avventuras as carry-on bags, and posts comparing the BV to the Avventuras, but I'm still wondering which bag is best to use for the essentials when going on vacation.

    Something that keeps its shape, preferably, but can still hold a ton of carry-on junk.

    Big enough, but not so bulky that the airport officials think you're smuggling something.:sweatdrop:

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I'd say the Avventura or Luna, depending on what you'll be carrying. I like the mesh side pockets on the Avventura. The Luna is available in a wider range of prints, though!
  3. I like the luna
  4. Does the Luna keep its shape well?

    It would be used as a carry on, in my case. I need something to hold a few books, snacks, MP3 player, etc. :p Not big time luggage, just something easy to travel with that holds enough stuff!
  5. I think that trenino would be a perfect travel bag..could also carry your laptop..=)
  6. I like the Trenino as a carryon, but only because I've used one as a carry on, and it has a strap I can attach to carry cross-body. I don't have an Avventura, so I don't know. But I've seen the bag, and it would be a good bag. I just don't know how it would carry when full.
  7. A Campeggio or if that's too small a Cucciolo :tup: I also prefer the darker colors/prints when travelling since bags go through a lot when they travel.
  8. Even though you're specificially looking at the BV and Avventura as carry-ons, I would recommend the following in order of preference:

    1. Trenino
    2. Cucciolo
    3. Avventura

    The nice thing about the Trenino is you have three different options in terms of carrying it: by the handle, crossbody, or over the shoulder. It's also the largest out of all the bags and its rectangular shape is more conducive keeping organized and to fitting the maximum load of belongings. And even thought the retail price of the Trenino is almost $100 over the price of a Cucciolo, Avventura, or Luna, they're not a very popular bag style. You can usually find a one for about the price of an Avventura on eBay. I lucked out and bought my Pirata Trenino during the Southamption Black Friday sale for super cheap.

    The Cucciolo probably has about the same about of space as an Avventura, but with better options of carrying it (either crossbody or over the shoulder.). It also keeps it shape well and is easy to dig through because of its rectangular shape.

    I've never owned an Avventura, but I have many BVs and can testify that BVs themselves carry a ton. I'm guessing the Avventura could carry as much as a Cucciolo, but all your belongings would probably get lost in it since it's essentially a gigantic tote bag. It also may not keep its shape. depending on what your throw in there, and the bottom might sag (like with BVs).

    I have owned a Luna, and the number one annoying thing about it is that it is does not keep its shape unless you're only putting clothes inside of it. If you put rectangular/squarish shaped objects it like lots of magazines, books, or a laptop, its cylindrical shape does not hold. And it's worse than the Avventura in terms of getting all your belongings lost in there. But it does make a great clothes bag.