Best bag for presidential party?

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  1. My Mom is heading to DC in a couple weeks for an important event. She says it's going to involve a dinner party of some sort.

    She is going to need a nice bag, probably something small. Any ideas?

    I was thinking maybe a black Chanel bag, but she says she wants brown...

    EDIT: Pictures of you suggestions would be awesome! TIA!
  2. What will she be wearing? It would probably be easiest to find a great bag if we knew what she was going to wear. :yes:
  3. Clutches are totally in and are classy. What about some kind of clutch that coordinates with her outfit?
  4. a brown chanel kelly
  5. For the outift, she is planning on buying something new. All she wants to do is match some brown shoes she just bought. I will see if I can get a picture of them tonight when I visit her.

    Oh - thanks for the suggestion of the brown Chanel Kelly. I'm going to suggest that to her.
  6. Judith Lieber.