Best bag for laptop

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  1. Hello all!
    I love the look of fendi bags lately and want to get one for use with a 13" work laptop. I alternate bw the MacBook Pro and a Lenovo thinkpad Carbon which is like a 13" 2lb laptop.

    I looooove the look of the dotcom but alas. Will not fit a 13". :sad:((

    Is there another bag you'd recommend either by fendi or someone else? I don't want another tote style bag (otherwise I'd consider the 2jours).

    Ahhh so sad fendi. Wish you could have made a slightly bigger size option for the dotcom. It is named the dotcom after all!! Would expect it to fit a laptop :sad:
  2. Hi I bought a Mulberry Alicia Zip Tote. It fits my MacBook Pro and other stuff. So classy and a perfect work tote!
  3. It sucks that my laptop can't fit the dotcom bag :sad: I really like this bag
  4. Jozee, have you possibly considered the Selleria Anna bucket bag? It's a good bag for your laptop and whatever else you need to carry. It has been discontinued, but I have seen them in some of the boutiques. If not then I would suggest the 2Jour, if you want to stay with Fendi.

    I hope that helps!