best bag for hot Arizona??

  1. Going to Tucson to visit my kids for a week - It's hotter there then in Miami so I usually wear more intensive summer type clothes. I only have one white bag and it's a Prada pepple leather, I love it but I can't see wearing it every day and night for 7 days - All my other bags (LV mono, LV damier, mulberrry Roxy, Be&D crawford, Biasia shoulder bag, etc, are all darker colors - Can I wear any of those as a second bag?
  2. I live in Tucson & you don't have to worry too much about the extreme heat now as you do mansoons! They are in season for the next few weeks so I'd bring bags that wont be damaged if you get caught in the rain.
  3. Thanks yhassan, that changes everything!
  4. No problem! I hope you have a great trip!