Best bag for foreign travelling


Nov 2, 2005
Going to Europe in a couple of months - I'm never sure what bag to carry/wear for everyday. I'm not crazy about backpacks but want something safe from bag snatchers, also not too heavy but with plenty of room - Anyone have any suggestions? (If I don't have it, I'll buy it) Thx.
Hi there, I just came from a trip where, in the beginning of it, I bought the LV Baggy GM with the long strap. I can never pack just one bag for travels but I ended up just using this one during the flights. It rests really well on your sholder with the long strap going across, its not heavy and the zipped front pocket makes for an easy access for passports, boarding pass etc while duty free shopping. Hope this helps.
I think any LV tote is great for travel- great as a carry on and great to carry around town. I have a cabas mezzo that I use alot as a carry on and to take to school( I also have the luco tote, which is great, it is structured but not as wide). I suggest this bag because it is easy to get in and out of, it holds a lot and you can still be fashionable!
I also have a luco and it doubles as my office. I agree, it's great for travelling but last year I bought the pegase 50 and I felt a little overmonogrammed with the two of them ;) .
for a carry-on, i recommend herve chapelier totes because they're relatively inexpensive, easy to spot as yours (they come in a wide variety of colors - i hate black luggage!), very durable, waterproof, comfortable on your shoulder, and zip all the way across the top. not to mention they're quite cute and hold a ton and a half. i have several that i use for school and for weekend trips home.

as for a purse, just make sure it's something you can zip across the top, i've heard bad things about pickpockets.
Or wear a purse that goes across your shoulder/chest or something for extra protection. I usually carry a purse like that when I go to Asia or Europe due to the high #s of purse-snatchers there.
For sure make sure the bag has a zip-top closure. Tourists always look like tourists, so you want to make sure nothing is hanging out of the bag. You want it to be comfortable if you will be walking a ton. I made the mistake of carrying a tote around when I was in Europe, and my arm was killing me by the end. I actually made Vlad pretend to hold hands with me and the bag, while he actually supported the bag. It is all about comfort, security, and not buying a bag that will drag you down... that is the last thing you want to worry about when traveling!