Best bag for dressy evening (smaller size)

  1. I figured *IF* I order the baggy GM...might as well order that evening bag I have wanted too.....:graucho: . What is a good evening bag....I was thinking of the Belem MM?? handheld is fine, something to fit keys, cell phone, wallet, powder & lipstick too!! Thanks so much!!!
  2. Never seen a Belem before. Pics please
  3. I like to use the epi pochettes or my black mc pochette. I like to have a shoulder strap though......I can fit phone, 2 powders, blush, gloss, small wallet etc. it them
  4. The spring street is pretty for evening.....also a black epi pochette....of course, the discontinued satin bags are also very dressy is the ocassion?:yes:
  5. this is the belem. i think it's very cute!

  6. i have the belem pm. belem mm is a shoulder bag whereas belem pm is a handheld. it's a very feminine bag!
  7. I have the recital it is perfect for evening, small but very spacious
  8. I think your idea of the Belem MM is a great idea. Very unique bag and would look cute with a variety of items. Cute idea!
  9. Does it come in epi?
  10. i have the mono Pochette Marelle and white Multicolore Shirley. i use those for evenings.
  11. I ordered the belem mm for an evening bag, I am just drawn to the shape. I think it will look so cute when going out in the evening. I was tempted to get the PM one instead, but I don't have to have the extra room and the handheld one just seems dressier. (I also ordered the baggy GM....can't wait for both to get here!!!)
  12. :wlae:Congrats! Can't wait to see pics of how it looks on you and what you can fit in it!
  13. I think the belem is a great choice too! I don't remember who but someone had bought one and posted pics. It was absolutely gorgeous and has caught my eye ever since! The shape is different and attractive too. Can't wait to see all your items when they arrive
  14. I like small clutches for dressy evening so I would suggest epi pochette in either black or red.:smile:
  15. mcg3897: wait wait... if you want the handheld one, you should've gotten the belem pm!!! belem mm (the one you ordered) is a shoulder bag! :wtf:

    munchkyn: i have the belem pm and maybe you are talking about me. here's the link again: Yahoo! Photos - sma11cat's Photos - damier belem pm