Best Bag for Disney???

  1. We just booked our trip to Disney - going in April. Now, what's a good bag to bring? I've got a swingpak - but do I need a tote of some sort? Can you bring fruit, water into the parks? Do I need a tote, or not really? Can we use one of our kids backpacks do you think????

    I was wondering if I should return my bridgit and get either a heritage tote, or an ergo????

  2. You can definitely bring snacks and water. It will be much cheaper, but you'll probably not want to carry it around all day. It's much easier just to buy what you want, when you want it. They have lockers you can store your stuff in. My only concern is that if you have a big bag you won't be able to go on the big roller coasters very easily without a locker.

    I think swingpacks are great for amusement parks. But, if you want to hold more maybe a Coach backpack?
  3. I think the swingpack and then some sort of cheap backpack. Whenever we go to Disney we take a backpack with bottled water (you can always refill at drinking fountains so you don't have to carry a ton of them), snacks and lunch.. it is SO much cheaper and we usually end up buying one meal there anyway. :rolleyes: Anyway, we usually take it around with us and being able to put it on both arms the weight isn't too bad and we can trade off.. last time we checked it into a locker but it was more of a pain because it was expensive and then when we needed something we had to go clear to the end of the park to get it! Just my .02 ;)
  4. I would recomend taking something that isn't to bulky or burdensom. I'm not sure about Florida, but at Disneyland some of the rides (space mountain in particular) didn't seem to have enough time to store your purse properly before the ride took off. Also bring something that you are used to, I am used to carrying a swing pack when we would go, and the one time I took a larger bag, I ended up leaving it in soaring over california. It was the end of the day, and I was so tired, I didn't realize until the next morning :wtf:. Thankfully, we lived close enough to Disneyland and thier employees are really good about finding and holding lost belongings.

    I really miss living near Disneyland :crybaby:, I have gone back to California 4 times in the past year to visit (thankfully my pass was still good for all but 1 visit) You will have a ton of fun there!!
  5. Disney is my other obssession. :heart:
    A regular size backpack would be fine. Don't fill it too much as it will be heavy as you're walking around. The pouches on the rides should be able to hold it.
    The Swingpack is a must! I have 3 for my WDW trips.

    Enjoy your trip! Where are you staying?
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  6. Swingpack works great if you don't have to tote around things for your kids. Otherwise, bring the kid's backpack. You can bring food and nonalcoholic drinks into the park and there are locker units you can rent.

    You might want to do a thread Search (that tool is down right now) because this topic just recently came up and there was lots of good and informative input :yes::tup:

    oh, and i forgot: HAVE FUN!
  7. Haha, didn't we have this same thread a couple months ago?

    I say stick with the swing pack and travel light. I bring a swing pack and take small snacks like granola bars. I always bring a bottle of water. Make sure that you have a small bottle of sunscreen and lipbalm with sunscreen. CVS sells a small tube that fits nicely in my purse. At Disney World they sell straps that hold your water bottle. They are worn across your body and attach to the neck of your water bottle. They are great! You can buy them at the carts that sell water and soda. They also sell clip ones in the gift shops. I use mine all the time so I don't have to take a big bag. The water at the fountains is kind of nasty, so you may want to bring some of the crystal light packets to flavor the water. They are great because they are small and save money on juice and soda. I used to bring a bigger bag, but hate lugging a bunch of stuff around and the rides do not have many places to store your bag. Even my camera is small enough to fit in my bag or I sometimes clip it on the strap of my purse. It helps thatIf you feel like you need a backpack and do not want to carry it around, you can rent a locker.
  8. Yes, from a previous similar thread, someone had suggested a Coach Hippie or Soho Duffles (with the converible strap for crossbody carry) if you need something bigger than a swingback or something smaller than a backpack. I went to Disneyland last year in April (I used to live 20 min. from it and had an annual pass, too) and I ended up using a Kipling messenger bag because their purses were lightweight (only 1 lb.) even when empty and it can hold a LOT. Besides, I didn't want to dirty any of my Coach purses. *LOL*

    Good luck with your decision and HAVE FUN!!
  9. Swing pack with a wristlet inside.

    Keep it simple. They search your bags on the way in.
  10. love the swingpack!! perfect...I also agree with the backpack idea
  11. Man I wish I thought of that before I went to disney land last month. I totally brought a huge bag and was dreading it the entire time! I wish I thought of the swingpack thing. heehee
  12. I'm a big fan of the Vera Bradley hipster for Disney. It's a great lightweight bag that is inexpensive. I used one and fit my changepurse, brush, make-up and camera. It was perfect for the parks and so light that I would forget it was on sometimes!
  13. We just came home from Disney a few weeks ago and we are now planning our NEXT trip to Disney for this year!!! We go yearly!!! I took my swingpack for days I just needed my wallet, gum, large Carly for days I needed to carry more (when we went to the Mickey Mouse Xmas party), and she was also my "carry on" for the plane...she held ALOT of stuff for the plane to keep my kids occupied and happy on a 2 hour plane trip!!! I also took my Walt Disney World nylon tote that I bought in a Disney resort we stayed in 3 years ago b/c if it gets dirty it can be wiped clean VERY EASILY!!! We purchase the Disney Meal plan, so we did not carry any food or water, etc.....all meals daily were on the meal plan, and so were snacks, and any additional food/beverage we wanted, we just bought there. Also, to avoid carrying cash, if you are staying at a Disney resort, you just need to put a credit card on file, and you get a Disney card to get you into the parks, etc, and you can charge anything in the park to your room. Then at the end of the trip, you can go and pay it off in cash, or whatever you want!!! HTH!!!!
  14. When I went the last time in 2005 (I wanna go back SO BADLY), I actually used my black Hamptons hobo. I didn't have to worry about it getting dirty, and it fit perfectly in those pockets that they now have in rides. I have no idea of what other bags that I brought the last time that I was in Florida, it was so long ago!

    I did recently go to Dollywood, Dolly Parton's amusement park in Tennessee, and for that I brought a Tokidoki bag called a canguro, which is like a flat fanny pack, if that makes sense. It held a ton of stuff, and didn't get in the way on rides, and since its nylon it wiped clean very easily.
  15. Hmm... Honestly, I wouldn't recommend bringing any Coach bag to Disney World. :shrugs:

    I worked there, at Splash Mountain, and I cannot tell you how many times I've seen bags ruined not just on Splash, but walking around in general. Food spills happen ALL the time. Even if you're super careful with your bag, there's still a chance.

    I recommend the Baggallini. The website has a backpack (one strap, worn cross body) that's perfect. You can hold all your snacks and necessities in the large part and there's a small compartment (a SAFE compartment, too) for tickets and cash.

    ...Just trying to keep any unnecessary accidents from happening. I've seen it happen on an almost daily basis. Wouldn't want it to happen to anyone here :smile: