Best Bag for Daily Use

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  1. Hi, I am a lurker in this subforum.
    After joining the forum,
    I bought about a half dozen bags
    and found some of them weren't worth the dough,
    and some just weren't a good fit for me.

    Now, I have seen the light.
    Why buy six $200 bags that I think are so-so and take up my precious closet space?
    I'll buy zero bags until I've saved enough to buy the "Grail" (angels singing here).

    Obviously many of you own multiple bbags and I'm wondering which one is your "go to" bag.
    I love the looks of the City bag:heart:, and the Day runs a close second.
    I have two small children - 6yrs & 5yrs, so smaller bags are out.

    I've looked through the reference, and done some searches.
    I learned a lot, but didn't find anything on which bag is best for daily wear.
    Do you guys use your bbags for daily wear?

    If there are already threads on this please post the links.
  2. Welcome! I agree- I'd much rather have one amazing bag than many so-so bags. Be careful, once you have one Bal you WILL want more! I'd recommend browsing through the "photos wearing your bags" thread and get an idea of how the different styles look when carried.

    I have several different styles. The one I carry to work every day is the work. It's roomy enough for my normal purse stuff, and I put my lunch in there, too, and sometimes an extra pair or shoes. It all fits with room to spare! And even though it has no shoulder strap I carry mine with the handles over my shoulder. On weekends I carry the day. It's a hobo-ish style and very very roomy. There's plenty of spece for a book and a water bottle.

    Good luck!
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    Can't go wrong with a black city or black day, or if you need a bigger bag with strap, I would suggest the Part Time. Work has no shoulder strap but is the perfect size. Why oh why won't BAL make a work with shoulder strap????
    PS My babies are at the age where they are BORROWING the bags now, but I appreciate your concerns. It seems like only yesterday I was having to be hands-free to juggle babies.....
  4. If you have kids, I'd advise you the Day! I have a baby and my hands must be always empty to carry her hand whenever she needs! City is a great size and I love it,but it still falls down from my shoulder even with the shoulder strap! Day is the perfect shape, sometimes I even forget I carry a bag!:tup:
  5. Since you mentioned having young kids, the first thing that comes to mind is my Fat Sushi Daybag from Redhanded Bags. It's a little out of character for me (it has this really cool blowfish on the front!), but my kids love it. It's big, too. I get complimented on it a lot. Holly Aiken has some great totes, too...I guess I have a thing for animal friendly bags, too.
  6. Exactly my thoughts!!!:yes:
  7. I'd go with the city - classic b-bag and has the shoulder strap if you need it.
  8. Me 3!

    I'd suggest the Part Time (hands free when cross body and mine fits a lot!) or the Day (but I haven't owned a Day - so I'm just going by what I've read here). I love my Work (I use it for commuting to and from Work), but it wouldn't be practical for me as an everyday purse because of the lack of a shoulder strap.
  9. I think the City looks better when carried over the arm or by the handles than it does using the shoulder strap whereas the Day looks better on the shoulder than the arm. I think the Day is a great Mommy bag out with the kids and the City is a great out on the town bag with DH or GFs. But don't worry - once you have chosen one, you'll be saving up for another.
  10. Day or part time, if you prefer that look. The city could be a tad small (it is for me). I love the carrying options the part time gives you: handles fit over shoulder easily, strap long enough to wear cross body or just on shoulder, hand held looks great too ... Let us know what you decide.
  11. I prefer the Part Time for everday use, over the City and Work because it fits so comfortably over my shoulder, even when wearing a thick coat. Its also roomy, but doesn't look huge. I also like that I can reach in and grab something without having to take it off my shoulder, (not so with the work, or city). I'm also a mom...
  12. I have both the city style and the part time, but I find myself reaching for the part time more often because I can fit more in her. And she just looks so scrumptious all broken in :nuts:
  13. I use my black city the most by far. I love having the option of the handles or the shoulder strap.
  14. Black Work
  15. My go to everyday bag that I am not afraid to
    really go hard on is my black day. I believe it is 05 or 06 leather.