Best bag for a tall girl, 5'8?

  1. I am tall, 5'8 and I am wondering what bag would look the best on a tall person? I am looking for something with longer straps. Thanx :smile:
  2. ohhh...the stephen in mono or leopard with the great shoulder strap...can be handheld as well...super style...if that is not in the budget I would say a speedy 30 or 35 roomy, casual and classic and the price is greeaaaaat!!!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    Batignolles Horizontal $815.00

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Saleya MM $960.00
  4. Thank you everyone for the great suggestions :smile:
  5. I'm the same height. I think we can wear any size bag, and it won't be overwhelming. Personally, I use a smaller bag at night and a bigger bag during the day. I change my bags a lot. Also, lately, I prefer a shorter strap. I think The Coussin has a good proportion for us. I saw it on Shanna Moakler on Meet The Barkers (I think she's tall too) and I loved the size. [​IMG]

  6. Thank you!
  7. I love the look of this bag....does it fit much????
  8. Manhattan GM!
  9. I'm 5'10 and have a petite noe. It fits my height well. I also tried on the regular noe size in the store and that also looked good. Not too big at all. I kind of prefer the look of the large noe on me. The petite almost looks small next to my frame.
  10. Yes it's a good size and a unique style. I would say it's a medium sized bag. For a big tote bag, I use a canvas one that I have from Guess. I'm using that today with a smaller purse inside. I wouldnt really get much use out of a hue tote like a cabas. When I need a huge bag to schlepp stuff around, I wouldnt want it to be LV, I'd be too worried about damage. This Guess one I use has a beautiful cherry blossom pattern on it, but it gets so dirty I have to hand wash it in the tub about twice/year.

    I think the coussin is on the medium/large side, but still elegant.

    To organize the coussin, get a drop-in purseket in cranberry, which matches very well! Thanks PF'ers for the tip!
    Purseket - Organize your Pocketbooks, Purses and Bags

    And here is a pic of Shanna with her bag from another post. She loooks like a slob, but you can see size. I would guess shes between 5'6"-5'9"
  11. Im shorter (5'2"), but I think that taller gals, or the ones Ive seen in the city look great with bags with longer straps.. like the Luco or maybe even a Cabas Mezzo or Piano.. The straps and the larger size match a taller proportion and draws attention away from height. Smaller bags like a pouchette, I feel emphasize how tall a person is (not that its a bad thing), I wish I were taller.:wlae:
  12. I am 5'9/5'10 and here are bags that I like:

    1) Cabas Mezzo
    2) Babylone
    3) Noe
    4) Chelsea
    5) Horizontial and Vertical Lockit
    6) Suhali lockit
    7) Speedy 30/35
    ITS NOT VERY COMMON AND LOVE THE RED INTERIOR!-AND i'M 5'4" and its big-but i love big bags!
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