Best bag for a newbie ~ Jumbo flap or Reissue?

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am going to Paris with my Nan in Sept and planning on getting a little Chanel to add to my collection!
    I have looked through pics and decided I wanted something totally classic and I came up with either the Jumbo flap or Reissue.

    Can you give me pros and cons on both please? And which one you think is the best for my first Chanel?
    I have just seen a post for the pearl Reissue, omg I am in love! Is that a LE bag?

    Thank you! xx
  2. Jumbo flap
  3. I have both, but I would say go for a jumbo caviar flap!
  4. agreed, jumbo!
  5. jumbo gets my vote.
  6. Jumbo flap if its your first because they are durable IMO. Once you get used to that and fall in love then you can get a reissue. They need to be babied a tiny bit more.

    Good luck!
  7. Jumbo flap 4 sure!
  8. jumbo here
  9. Ditto.
  10. Another vote for JUMBO FLAP
  11. Personally I like reiisue better.
    At first I bought Jumbo caviar flap as my first Chanel.. but I didn't love it too much.. In the end I sold it and bought Black reiisue instead.
  12. You can't go wrong with either one. Jumbo is more durable, but the leather is not as soft. Reissue needs a tiny bit more babying, but it's so elegant. Have fun researching and choosing!
  13. I like the jumbo!!
  14. No Doubts! Reissue!
  15. get the reissue...! :smile: