Best bag for a job interview?

  1. I've got a second interview Tuesday for a job I really want badly. I have three black Coach bags I could take with me (my suit is black). Here's my choices: '06 Pebbled Black Leather Shoulder Tote; '06 Legacy Shoulder Bag; Braided Hamptons Medium Carryall.

    Which do you all think would make the best impression?
  2. Legacy Shoulder!! (And good luck on the interview!! *fingers crossed*)
  3. I second the Legacy Shoulder, and good luck on the interview!
  4. Another vote for the Leagcy shoulder bag :smile: and best of luck on your interview!
  5. Im going to switch things up and say the Hamptons Carryall. Classy, and carries more.
  6. ^^ I agree with kimmie!
  7. hamptons carryall def.
  8. Legacy shoulder vote here...good luck!!
  9. I say whichever YOU feel more comfortable w/ on the AM of the interview! All 3 bags are beautiful, so whichever you are feeling on that day! GOOD LUCK!!!!!
  10. Hamptons Carryall.
  11. I vote for the Legacy Shoulder...

    Good luck on your interview! :tup:
  12. I vote for the Hamptons. I love that classy and it will carry much more than the shoulder bag! You can tote your resume and anything else you need to bring.
  13. If you're going for something corporate (bank, law firm, etc), then I say CARRYALL. That bag screams timeless, classic, professional and conservative.

    If the job is more in a creative environment or in a field that is less conservative, then I say LEGACY SHOULDER BAG.
  14. If it is for a corporate position I would go with the Hamptons carryall...That bag is so sophisticated!

  15. Chelseagirl took the words right outta my mouth!