Best bag evah!

  1. My three are:

    Anthracite Havana!

    Bittersweet Gaza Satchel!!

    Vintage Silver Bowery Clutch!

    Chlöes three are:

    Yellow Erol to keep all her things in in the car.

    Green is Good tote - To put her things in for the stroller when we go for a longer outing.

    Silver pilot - She keeps her allowance in here in case we swing by Baby Gap or her favorite baby boutique, Rockabboo.
  2. ^^^ LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love that C has her own favs list!!!! That's our girl!
  3. Oh yeah, She has her HH already LOL. She also has diaper bags from a few lovely HHHOtties!, but those aren't HH bags so couldn't go on the list haha. :p
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    Number 1: Grey Tharpe
    Number 2: Burke in Black
    Number 3: Hudson Hobo in Smoke Blue

    I love how much the first two can hold ( I tend to carry pretty heavy purses), the executive look of the Burke, and the laid back smooshiness of the Tharpe. As for the Hudson, it has enough room that I can carry everything I need and a little extra, but not so much room that I try to fit the whole house into it. Very nice purse, I have more than one color but Smoke Blue is my fave ;)
  5. kinbrooklyn reminded me of my PM mosaique hobo! That's actually number two behind the mosa... Or tied. Don't know how I forgot it.
    Mosaique hobo in black & Mosa hobo in black
    and ICP trophy in third
  6. My three stooges: Tobias, Burke and Franklin. :love:

    I worship these bags...

    ETA: The Tobias is Aubergine, the Burke is Yam, and the Franklin is in Shiitake Suede.
  7. In no particular order:

    - Black Origami: Love the leather and the shape. Hangs great on my shoulder and holds tons.
    - Red Pan-Am tote: I use this bag a lot, especially for schlepping things around for music class. Super-functional, with lots of pockets inside and out. Very durable.
    - Hm, hard to pick a third. Probably Marcel, who has become my default small cross-body bag for going out.
  8. Yam Bernardin is my all time love! :love: Always will be!

    Blueberry Jinhee (modified to suit me, btw.) Just came back from a 3 day business seminar where this one was my constant companion and she was absolutely outstanding!! (She can even hold her own, walking around Holt's Designer shops!):yes:

    Black Sao Paulo Hobo, just for the roominess and the amazing leather that gets better and better with time!:smile:

    (Secretly hoping that the Grapeshine Trophy Satchel that is making it's way to me, will be right "up there" too.)
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    Trophy Bags - because of their versatility. Can wear them as a loaded down work bag or wear them to a wedding as a dress bag - the bags can handle it. Of course, as the plural "bags" indicates, since I have 4 of them, that takes care of 25% of my handbag wardrobe.

    Hudson Satchel - love the feel of it's textural leather, the fit and balance on the shoulder as well as an arm bag, and holds so much more than it looks like it could from its measurements.

    KP Corcovado & Silver Pearl (OOAK) - I know...2 bags listed here but same function. Both are like fraternal twins, they don't look alike but still are much alike. Hayden Harnett patent - the best stormy weather handbags out there. I have other patent bags, but none of those can take the abuse of a Florida downpour and still look great. KP Corcovado and Silver Pearl have been worn through tropical storms as well as daily abuse - and still look like new.
  10. Bumping up. :smile: I made the mistake of looking at the Disney I need to try and fall in love with my bags all over again so I'm not tempted lol!

    1: Black Biblio. True, just a black bag...but the perfect black bag. Unbelievably smooshy, sexy, gorgeous. It can hold a lot or a little without looking ridiculous like some other bags (ahem, havana...looks like a rolled up pillow under my arm when stuffed). I can throw my Peely GS Biblio in on this list, right? ;) It may be battered, poor thing, but it's still a fantastic bag. Must add though, Biblio is heavy! I didn't realize it was so packed when I went into the mall yesterday, had to carry it for over an hour and my shoulder hurts so bad today...*whines* :p

    2: Lead Lido wallet. I haven't stopped using it since the day I got it from another lovely Hottie. :heart: It's perfect! So beat up by now lol, but still the one thing that you can count on me having with me every single day. I love love love it.

    3: This is tough for me, because I'm not really in love with most of my bags anymore. Smoke Blue Hudson Hobo and Tart Tote are two that I adore for very different reasons, Smokey is the perfect comfort/casual bag and Tart is just gorgeous with the lamb and eel skin leathers. I don't use either of them very much though. :shrugs:
  11. 1. Moonbeam Havana (love the 'painterly' lining)

    2. Lagoon Havana (love the 'ginko' lining also)

    3. Painterly Staci Crossbody
  12. The only things I would change about my top 3 would be...
    1. Pallenberg Duffle
    2. Tharpe, Black
    3. Wyeth Tote in cordovan

    The new addition is the tharpe.... I didn't realize how much I loved this bag until I chose it to be one of the bags I would carry while my move was happening and all my other bags where in transit. I got a whole lot of use out of it. It's a really great size. Not too big and not too small. The organization is top notch.
  13. I don't own many HH bags.
    1. Lorca Turnlock. It can fit a lot of things.
    2. Trophy Satchel..Love 2 separate compartments. Can get too heavy.
    3. Pallenberg Duffel. Can be worn cross body or handheld.
  14. PrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAP! (Albanian for "Again!")

    Ok, I'ma changing mine!

    Lilac Biblio, duh.

    Pewter Laura Tote
    (a summer aquistion when I was a workin' girl... omg, sooooo HUGE and awesome!!!)

    Red Ibiza
    (took it to the museum recently w the three kidlets and fell in alove allll ovah again!)
  15. Black Tharpe
    Anthracite Tharpe
    Grey Tharpe

    oh wait and red bedford messenger