Best bag buy of 2010-I declare mine to be a Balenciaga!

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  1. I bought my Bordeaux Day bag in the January sales saving about £100 and have hardly stopped using it! It's been my biggest purchase of 2010 and my only designer bag purchase of 2010 and I love it. It's becoming better looking with age and I have used it as an overnight bag as well as my day to day bag.

    It's definitly been one of my better purchases and an investment buy.

    Your best bag buy of 2010? Or is it still to come?
  2. Oooh, nice catch, frizz;)

    For me, my best 2010 catches would be a brand-new 2010 Black RH Town (thanks to Lily at Cultstatus), a pre-loved 2005(?) Grenat RH Day (thanks Fashionphile) and an incoming pre-loved Truffle RH Work (thanks Corey, from Real Deal Collection)... and of course, thank you to all the girls/boys who've let their bags come to me.
  3. My best bag buy of 2010 so far is my SS10 black RGGH city - it has the most gorgeous leather ever!
  4. ^^^ Ah, another vote of love for the 2010 Black leather: that's what attracted me to my one and only black Bal, too.
  5. ITA!! My SS 10 Black RGGH City is the most wonderful bag, and even now we're in the last months of the year, I adore her as much now as I did when I first caught sight of her across the bag hall in Selfridges :love::heart::cloud9: which is something of a record for me (I tend to be quite fickle in my bag affections, with the notable exceptions of a few key classics). Lovely RGGH City is now in the inner hardcore of bagsIcannoteverletgo :woohoo:

    Afraid I haven't had any bargains that weren't full retail price...recently had a disappointing experience with a pre-owned Bal that has put me off. I think I am going to try my luck in the sales after Christmas - some of the ladies on here picked up some beauties (I am thinking of hardcore_harlot's gorgeous Light Olive RGGH Town!).
  6. My best buy of GSH Black Town. I LOVE this bag!!!! Perfect size for me and the leather is so yummy! I never even really considered the giant hardware, but the silver is SO beautiful, especially on the black. The cross-body strap is fantastic too, as I have 2 younger kids and with all the running around I am hands free when I want to be. This bag is perfection!!! Plus, I got it for an amazing price!!!
  7. My best buy of the year - the S/S 2010 anthra part time with RGGH. Absolutely the most gorgeous bag I have ever owned.
  8. My bag best buy of 2010 is my FW09 galet gsh PT.. I falled in love for this colour in last June, after seen some gorgeous bags there on the TPF and I was so lucky to found one brand new in Cannes.
  9. My best buy of the year is black maxi twiggy! love its smooth, soft and yummy leather; corssbody, top handle and shoulder three-way wearing style; roomy but not oversized are all prefect for my life style now *^.^*
  10. Yes, elena, REALLLLLLYYYY LUCKY!!
    My best bag of 2010 is probably my last purchase.. a HG for me.. which sould be on its way... :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I'm not gonna say anything more.. but thank you erikaaaaaaa:flowers:
  11. Mine is SGH Sang Midday. I could not believe I found it!!
  12. mine is:

    2010 black work gsh!
  13. My '10 limited edition Craquele is my favorite bag this year. I haven't used it until now - it seemed more like a fall winter bag to me.
  14. ^^^ You are so patient, beaux. I don't know if I could have waited for so long before using a new bag!