Best b-bag for office?

  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to ask the panel of experts here: which model b-bag can comfortably hold a small laptop computer? If one needed a formal(ish) yet edgy (Balenciaga!) bag for the office what would be your choice? PS i am short (5.1ish).

    Thanks so much! (new devotee of b-bags and tPF!) :love:
  2. The appropriately named Work bag will fit yr needs. I'm 5'0 and have a work bag. It's big but not humongous on my frame. With a laptop in there.. it has a very nice sag.
    I would post pics but my bf has the dig cam. Maybe someone else can...

    What color do you have in mind? :flowers:
  3. I agree, I think they work bag is your best bet.
  4. A couple of weeks ago I saw a woman with a black Work and it looked really stunning. Very shiny, but really eye-catching.
  5. :wlae: yeah - i'm going to have to agree with you guys... the WORK style would be EXCELLENT for ya!!!:wlae: :smile:
  6. Work is perfect!
    I thought I would miss the shoulderstrap but not at all.
    It's really easy to carry.
  7. a work

  8. Thanks everyone! any thoughts on the Part Time? Does anyone have one? Would a laptop fit in it? (being short and all, I thought it might be an alternative although thanks kahlua milk for the reassurance...