Best Awards Show Performances?

  1. I got the inspiration for this thread by watching some of the really terrible awards show performances (e.g. Amy Winehouse - MTV EMA's '07, Britney Spears - MTV VMA's '07).... and so I thought it'd be refreshing to hear/watch some really good ones:

    ^^^ Evanescence - My Immortal (Billboard Awards 2004)

    ^^^ Ayumi Hamasaki - Daybreak (Japan gold Disc Awards 2002)

    ^^^ Within Temptation - All I Need (TMF Awards Belgium 2007)

    Just three of my favourites
  2. Aww! I want to find the Jackson 5's performance for the Motown 25th anniversary but I can't go on youtube at work. It was the best performance EVER!!!!!
  3. this year's mtv vma's
    chris brown's performance was out of this world!
  4. I enjoyed Michael Jackson's Billy Jean a long time ago and Guns n Roses a few years back on the vmas.
  5. Chris Brown this year for sure. That was amazing! I could watch that performance over and over. I think he showed all the people who've been in the game a lot longer than him how it's done.
  6. Britney Spears' Oops I did it again on the VMA's. The so-called strip show, with the sparkly bra top and pants! It was outraegously divine! She used to be fabulous~