Best anti-aging eye cream?

  1. Hi girls!
    I'm nineteen years old, and I want to start wearing an eyecream for prevention against aging and wrinkles. Currently, my skin regime consists of:
    1) Cetaphil cleanser
    2) Clarins Ultra-Matte lotion (I get oily but use Boscia blotting sheets--so good!)
    3) Clarins UV SPF 40

    and I exfoliate daily and also use Cetaphil cleanser at night.
    For night time, after I exfoliate, I use the Clarins Renew Plus Night Lotion.

    I think that I should probably start using an eyecream (to get into a good habit :]) and I went to Kamay Beauty and a really sweet girl recommended G.L.A. Eye Balm by Cellex-C. However, I've never heard of Cellex-C, and after I got home and researched into it, it feels like Cellex-C is mainly for covering up and reducing fine lines. I don't think I have fine lines just yet, so I mainly just want to prevent them, so I'm going to exchange this product for another.
    I was hoping the gorgeous girls on here can suggest some products that would be really good for anti-aging! Thank you so much! :flowers:

  2. my favorite is cellcosmet eye contour cream.
  3. I just realized this:
    I don't even know WHEN to use eye cream!
    Is eye cream designed for morning or night? Cause I see some products for night and some for morning...what are the uses for each? Thanks!
  4. Kiehl's Abyssine eye cream for during the winter
    and Kiehl's Light Nourishing Eye Cream for during summer.
    both can be used both morning and night...but just use much lighter touch for in the morning, and use a tiny bit more for at night.
  5. I'm 22 and starting using eye cream when I was 19 for prevention also. I always buy one with a sunscreen, sun damage=wrinkles!!!!!! It doesn't really matter what brand you use at the moment, as you don't have serious wrinkles. It's really just about whatever you find to be mosturizing, has sunscreen, and doesn't irritate your eye area!
  6. Wow, thank you so much, girls! :flowers:

    Rinstar, if you don't mind me asking, what type of eye cream do you use? I get so confused with the night vs. daytime ones, and also the ones that only treat wrinkles but don't say anything about preventing them :confused1:
  7. To prevent wrinkles (crow feet and such), it's important to use a very moisturizing eye cream. Of course, I always feel the cosmetic brands top drugstore brands..but that's just my opinion.... like i posted earlier on.. the kiehl's ones are great.. if you want something to repair wrinkles and iron them out, i would recommend StriVectin and LaPraire.
  8. Also, I read somewhere that it is very important to apply eye cream correctly. Too much pulling on the delicate eye area can cause self-inflicted wrinkles! The correct way to apply is to use your ring finger, as it has the least # of muscles (or something like that), and pat the cream on gently until it is all the way absorbed. It is time-consuming, but there's no sense in using cream if your method of application causes lines.
  9. high end: la mer

    other: lancome or kiehl's work well