Best anti-acne medication...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm in need of skincare advice. Ever since adolescence, I've been cursed with blotchy, oily, acne-prone skin. I've used various prescription medications with mixed results. These days, I take birth control pills (which help regulate my skin as well as my cycle) and use a salicylic acid solution on my blemishes. It keeps things under control, but I'm looking for something a little stronger, since every time I turn around, it seems like I'm breaking out again.

    I've tried most of the major drugstore lines (Neutrogena, Clearasil, etc) but haven't been impressed with the results. I also tried Proactive, and again, I was disappointed. So, I'm thinking of trying something along the lines of Murad, Dr. Brandt, etc. (The kind of skincare you can get at Sephora, basically.)

    If you're zit-prone like me, can you tell me what kind of a skincare regiment you use to keep it in check? Also, if you use a prescription cream, what is it? I'm thinking I may need to go to a dermatologist.

    Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. I use Retina-Micro--you have to get a prescription for it. But it really works for me when I get a break-out!
  3. I'm a big fan of AcneFree (at the drugstore). it was originally a knock off of proactiv, but I think this stuff works better. I use it once a day and then just cetaphil once a day with a really good moisturizer. no zits in 3 years doing this and I had BAD acne before
  4. i have oily skin too. sometimes when i get a blemish and it goes away after a week or so there is a dark spot left behind. it's almost like a scar, but it's just a dark spot on my skin. they usually go away in a few months. but they drive me crazy! i don't like to use concealer/foundation etc. but there is no way to cover them up! anyone else have this problem?

    also, any good (cheap) tinted moisturizers for oily skin and will cover up a few dark spots? thank you!
  5. Right now I'm using Clean&Clear perso-gel 10 and it works well so far.
  6. An antibiotic?
  7. Proactiv!! Combined with your BCPs your skin will look amazing!
  8. Go to a dermatologist and ask for samples of Retin-A and Tazorac. I am on Tazorac because Retin-A burned my face - it looked like I had a sunburn. Tazorac is the same type of perscription medicine. I have had acne for 20 years but it got real bad again after my second child was born, and no matter what I do it scars (and I never pick at them, either, b/c that just grosses me out!). The Tazorac has helped in diminishing the scars, too.

    Insurance pays for my Tazorac b/c the Dr. could tell I have clinical acne (it's on my chest and back, too). It may pay for yours, too.
  9. Also, my dermatologist said that the Murad, Dr. Brandt, etc. that yo umentioned are basically the same as the drugstore brands, but they don't test on animals so they cost more to test and produce. So it depends how you feel about the animal issue, but he doesn't believe that they work any better.
  10. I also HIGHLY recommend Tazorac. And I'm on Yasmin, which also helps.
  11. Sorry you weren't impressed with Proactiv, I have been using it for 2 thing that ever worked for me.
  12. definitely go to a dermatologist.

    honestly products alone have never worked for me. it's only been controlled when i've been on medication (antibiotics and accutane).

    but the products i like are dermalogica, murad, DDF

    i use tazorac as well and it works well but it really thins your skin.
    I use a salicylic acid scrub as well
  13. I use Clinique's bar soap, astringent and moisturizing lotion. Not the yellow one with the pump, another one that comes in a jar called superdefense triple action moisturizer, with SPF 25. It's worked just fine for me, but I know most gals here don't like it.. Again, I don't have a big acne problem (just your regular zits every once in a while) so I don't know if this is the right product for you. It may be worth a shot though!
  14. I have also been highly disappointed with proactiv! I find that what has worked best for me is the new Clearasil line.. I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's the one which guarantees visible results in 3 days
  15. I'd suggest going to a dermatologist or getting facials. I went to a dermatologist for years, but didn't have any significant results. I got immune to the antibiotics they gave me pretty quickly. So, they kept running out of ideas. The only thing I liked was tazorac.

    I started getting regular facials. At first, I didn't think it would work, but I was just doing it to try it out. But I saw a significant difference. Now I go almost every month. The esthetician switches between facial peels and a regular facial. She uses cosmedix products and also got me using cosmedix products daily. It's pretty expensive to keep up with the products and facials, but I've seen better and faster results than going to the dermatologist.