Best and Worst of 2007...

  1. As the year comes to a close, I thought it'd be interesting to hear everyone's opinion on this!

    For colors, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? Violet! :drool: This color looks so beautiful with every hardware combo.
    Sleeper hit?
    Naturel :smile: Cameron Diaz with that GGH work(?) really sold me on this color combo.. :yahoo:
    Flop? Unfortunately, LE magenta. it's a pretty color but in the end, all the hassle and problems with bags really negated my overall enjoyment of this bag. don't get me wrong, it's beautiful but somehow, something is lacking! especially after seeing 08 magenta..
    For styles, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? Still the city!
    Sleeper hit? Step! Still trying to find a color in this style :smile:
    Flop? The sphere; no matter how I try, I don't think I could ever pull this style off.:nogood:

    What do you guys think?
  2. Honestly, I think you hit the nail right on the head! I agree with everything you said.

    Another must-have though, at least for me might be anthracite. It was the "Ink" of 2007! As for a must-have style, for me it's the First!
  3. I totally agree......Must haves were anthracite and violet, and IMO everything else you listed was absolutely true, except I really couldn't get into the Step.
  4. i agree with just about everything you said, here is my list:
    hits: anthracite and violet
    flop: LE Magenta - never saw one IRL, but i saw enough on eBay to make me think this!
    sleeper hit: for me it was vert fonce - i originally ignored this color thinking it was going to be just like olive, but it's just one of the most gorgeous colors for fall/winter. oh, i also must add mogano/cinammon is the richest brown i've ever seen!!

    i also think that the f/w leather was a nice surprise :yes:
  5. I agree with the hit being violet, as soon as I saw it, it was love!
  6. i agree. one extra sleeper for me, jaune. i never would have thought i would like the color especially seeing it on tpf. but after getting a day in it, i was in love. not my norm color, but a nice suprise.
  7. For colors, which do you think was the..

    Must-have? Early 2007 = French Blue...Late 2007 = Jaune/Marigold

    Sleeper hit? Vert Gazon Twiggy

    Flop? All that Magenta hype...I mean, why bring out an LE when it was going to be mass produced in the end anyway?

    I was also disappointed with the leathers and the actual colour-take on Pine (what was with all that gold dust?)

    For styles, which do you think was the..

    Must-have? GH Envelope Clutch

    Sleeper hit? (although I don't own one but...) The Brief came out big time left of field!

    Flop? The sphere
  8. I think EB was one of the great colors, along with Violet and Magenta. I love the color, the leather, the chance to have it with GH, and it was in no way a disappointment for me. I hope I love the 2008 version as much. For me Jaune was the one that didn't live up to its hype. That's probably personal, but also based on the constant resales everywhere. I got small accessories in it and that was enough.

    The Sphere was a bag I never understood. The surprise new bag for me was the Giant Envelope clutch. It just works with the gh. I love the Step, too.
  9. For colors,
    Must-have? Violet & Steel
    Sleeper hit?
    Sienna & vert foncé
    Flop? LE magenta, rouille (unfortunately), vert forêt with the teal zipper tape...

    For styles, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? First & Day (for me), in general: city
    Sleeper hit? Step, the mini gh accessories
    Flop? The sphere
  10. Flop: Jaune – sooo disappointing compared to 04 marigold
    Hit: Step – I don't one own yet, but I love the style
  11. Color
    Must-have: Anthracite and Sienna

    LE Magenta

    Sleeper hit:
    Must-have: Still the Work going strong!!!!!

    the Sphere and the Step

    Sleeper hit:
    the Brief and mini GH accessories
  12. For colors,
    Must-have? I would have to say Violet even though I didn't get one because I already have Eggplant, with the runner up being Jaune, such an unusual color with a lot of depth.
    Sleeper hit? Mastic/Oatmeal, gorgeous, love mine and they sold out fast, great neutral.
    Flop? LE magenta that they teased us with for months after making us prepay, then it wasn't exactly like '05 which it was supposed to be.

    For styles, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? As usual my favorite remains the City followed by the Day, Giant Hobo and Twiggy. I like my shoulder strap
    Sleeper hit? The brief
    Flop? Sphere and Step. Also the black bag fading issues and the leather issues such as mismatched, colorless handles and other areas, black spots, etc. I've seen many gorgeous leather bags this past year but in the last season it seemed to be hit or miss.
  13. For colors,
    Must-have? Violet and Aquamarine.
    Sleeper hit?
    French Blue.
    Flop? 07 black with the fading/green issues!

    For styles, which do you think was the,
    Must-have? City!
    Sleeper hit? Step! I have to get a step.
    Flop? The sphere.
  14. For colors, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? Violet for sure. Unbelievably beautiful, even better than Eggplant.
    Sleeper hit? Anthracite. It took people some time to warm up to it, but its Ink-like qualities won over a lot of people once pictures of it in different lighting started showing up.
    Flop? LE Magenta. In person the colour was very disappointing, never mind the ridiculous wait for something we pre-paid for. I would say the runner up is Juane, which seemed to be too dark and orangey for most people. I loved it though!

    For styles, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? Always and forever the City (but not for me).
    Sleeper hit? The Twiggy. It seems like it gained a lot of new fans this year.
    Flop? The Sphere. I liked initial photos of it, but in the end I think it was a bad design.
  15. Must-have? Violet, Jaune, or Vert Gazon.
    Sleeper hit? Anthracite! SUCH a gorgeous unusual colour, so glad i got my first!
    Flop? As much as i hate to say it- probably LE Magenta.. though i love mine! However, it's so hard to match with. *sigh*
    For styles, which do you think was the..
    Must-have? I'm going to be different and go with the Work. Seemed super popular this year and though i don't have one i think it's very 'now' more so than the City.
    Sleeper hit? The Giant Traveler. Though i can't make an excuse to buy currently, i think it's such a wonderful piece!
    Flop? Step. I liked it at first, but quickly got over it.