best and worst bags you've ever seen? and more!

  1. i usually only post at the tokidoki/lesportsac page, but i figured i might venture over here for a few.

    when i was out and about today i saw a bag the likes of which i'd NEVER SEEN, and i mean that in the way that i made :wtf: <-- that face. it was this tan plushy kinda material (like what a teddy bear might be made of, maybe) and it had this big white satin bow thingie cinched in the middle with this huge round rhinestone and silver thing. i was very confounded by this bag to say the least. i in no way shape or form consider myself a bag snob, but this bag was a combination of things that could've potentially looked cute seperately but together it just plain did not work. i won't go all the way to say it was ugly because the lady carrying it looked like she was pretty well put together and to each her own, but this bag was just... out there. anyone know what bag it could've been?

    also, what are the best and worst bags you've ever seen on people (irl, naturally)?