Best and Worse Customer Service

  1. Which Stores do you think have the best and worst customer service?

    For the Best I would definetly have to say Nordstroms. They are soo polite and extremely helpful. They always give honest opinions. if something looks bad on you they will tell u and then run out to the floor and find something simular that would be more flattering even if its cheaper. If something simular is on sale they will let you know so u save money! When i was shopping for jeans i picked up a couple in my size and a SA came up to me and said "would u like to start trying some on and ill find some more in your size" 10 minutes later she knocked on the dressing room door with 20 pairs (all the jeans her dept had in my size) of jeans in my size. The shoe department also has fantastic service.

    For the worst I would have to say Nieman Marcus. The SA's could really care less about the customers. I was in there last week, in a mall i don't shop at that often, and asked where the sportswear section was and the SA said in a very stern voice,"Can't you read the sign!" 20 feet away from me a very small sign (less than a foot long) said sportswear with an arrow. Is it really that hard to say just down that way to the right!! I walked out of the store.

    Something else that really busts my buttons are SA's that always bugging u about getting their store's credit card. Victoria Secret is the worst offender to this. Today i went in there and was bugged about 3 different times in a 20 minute period. I just came in to get some new thongs i knew exactly what i which kind and what size i need and needed just to get in and get out. ok so when i first walk in there is a greeter that asked me if a had a VS credit card and i said no and i don't intend on signing up for one and she went on and on about how much i would save. Then when i was look for thongs in my size the SA came over and gave this whole spiel about how i would get free undies coupons in the mail if i got the VS card. Then at the checkout i was again harrassed about getting one. There is always a line at the register at victoria secret and i think its because they the SA's spend 10 minutes harassing each customer about getting their credit card after the customer has said no 50 times!!! Anyone have simular experiences and good comebacks to the victoria secret SA harrassing u about the credit card?
  2. For me, the best is Chanel & Hermes at Ginza. The SAs are so nice and very helpful. The worst is at a spa I went to in New York. The massuesuse is so rude & her massage is so painful!!!!! :rant:
  3. Best was Saks & Nordstroms

    Barney's co-op - I asked for two seperate bags because each shirt was going to 2 different people. They don't live together so I thought it's only natural for them to get their own bags. He gave me this look like was a moron for asking them to put two tops---going to 2 different people---in 2 bags.

    Saks Men. - Went in there with the bf and his roommate for them to exchange a few Lacoste polos that were too big. The shrimpy little worker couldn't have been ruder. He seriously stuffed everything into a bag...didn't wrap them in tissue paper or anything. and then just flung it over the counter to us. I know he knows the right way to treat a customer because right after us was an older lady who he took the time to wrap her items in tissue paper in and the decency to walk around the counter and hand her the bag - so her face isn't smacked with a huge shopping bag.
  4. Worst: Ann Taylor Loft in my area

    I saw a customer before me asking about a shirt and whether it was in a certain style or not and wanted to know if she could get it at another store and the SA gave her the worst attitude like she was asking for something above and beyond... Loft isn't so expensive, but the least you can do is to provide people with a smile and a great attitude.

    BEST: Saks and all stores in Japan... I never have any trouble at all in Japan. They give you respect even if you're just buying groceries and are always courteous. It's quite a shock when you come back to the states...
  5. best hands down: nordstrom. i would do all my shopping at nordstrom if humanly possible. i also love going into lululemon and tiffany&co just because everyone is so nice.

    worst: saks. every SA i've interacted with in the handful of times i've been there (except the woman at the fragrance counter and the very cute, very bored SA at the gucci counter) looked me up and down, gave me a look like i couldn't afford to breathe their air, and either walked away or answered my question in the least amount of words possible. :rant: i don't shop there anymore if i can help it.
  6. hmmm, tough question. totally depends on my mood. if i want to be left alone, apc SAs are there if you need them and totally leave you alone if you don't.
    if i want help and attention, small boutiques in the neighborhood where i live.
    larger stores like nordstroms, neiman marcus, saks, etc. i feel like you have to hunt someone down because they are big cave-like stores. and then on the flipside, as mentioned above, the bigger chains have their promotions and charge cards that they pester you with - even barneys does this when they're ringing you up.
  7. I totally agree about stores and their credit cards. I hate how some stores try to push you into getting their cards. I don't have any store cards. Usually the interest rates are too high on them and all those perks they promise you when you sign up never seem to materialize.
  8. Best CS for me is Neiman Marcus.
    I look like a regular girl {which I am! LOL!} and they still treat me like I'm the only one in the store.
    Also, Nordstrom and Banana Republic give me excellent servcice.

    Worst for me is J. Crew. I am rareyl noticed when I walk in there, our store is small-ish and usually quiet so it's not like they don't notice someone coming in.
    I've had to leave because I was in the dressing room and waited for someone to come and check on me. . . they never did and I wanted to buy 3 or 4 things but needed them in different sizes.
    I didn't want to dress myself back up and walk out there so I got mad and left.
    I went in there this week, I was in there for 15 minutes and looked over at the SA's. . . they never acknowledged me, not even when I left.
  9. Best in my town is hands-down Ann Taylor Loft. The women who work there are beyond friendly and helpful. I had a student who worked there and she LOVED it, said it was a great place to work too! The managers are really fantastic there. The Coach outlet has great people too, so friendly!

    The worst in my town are easily the department store workers, ESPECIALLY the makeup counter workers! I could walk in buck naked and those women wouldn't notice me, they'd be too busy talking among themselves and avoiding customers. It makes buying makeup practically impossible. You'd figure that they work on commission too, I don't understand the incentive to ignore customers. I've actually started buying some makeup from Estee Lauder, something I've never done before, just because I found a friendly SA there who will help me.
  10. Oh, with the VS credit card, I just always tell the VS SAs that I already have one. I don't, but nobody hassles me anymore. When I pay and the SA asks if I want to use it, I say I'd rather pay with cash today. There's no "point" system on the VS credit card, so there's no incentive to put all your purchases on it.
  11. NORDIES ROCKS! They have a two week sales price adjustment policy that the put into effect back in the spring. I didn't know it was only two weeks. I bought a Kors bag off the sales website three weeks ago and saw they had marked it down again yesterday! I did a live chat on the website and the CS rep explained the policy. I was bummed b/c it had been three weeks and I figured I was out of luck (and I haven't even carried it yet!). She tells me to hold on, comes back and said that "just this one time" they WOULD extend the time frame. I got $82 back on my bag!! :yahoo:

    Neiman-Marcus sux.... Long story but those people made me feel like trailer trash. I'll never get over that one....
  12. Best: Nordstroms & Neimans

    Worst: Saks
  13. Nordstroms has the best customer service

    Macy's has the Worst.
  14. Best: Nordstroms. I loveeee it there. Everyone is so sweet and helpful.

    Worse: Macy's...blehh.
  15. Best: NM, Nordy's, Bloomies, LV, Dior

    Worst: SAKS!!, GUCCI, Chanel (1 particular older lady at SCP) grrrr :cursing: