best all weather bags?

  1. Can anyone recommend any bags (material and style) that are good for all types of weather? (i.e. snow, rain, etc) I know damier is waterproof (any cute bags, i'm getting the trevi pm and damier koala)......

  2. I'd say anything Damier with a zippered opening would be excellent. Epi is great as well but more prone to scratches.
  3. Here here on the damier! My Saleya PM is bad weather bag of choice.
  4. My personal all weather bag is my 4 year old Speedy 30 Monogram.
  5. Damier Speedy! It's been snowing here and she's still looking great!
  6. damier is perfect!
  7. damier or epi - cant go wrong!
  8. I'm not a huge fan of Damier (I love Azur thought...) but I would say any bag in Damier would be great in all weather. Also, Epi seems to be pretty durable. My mom has a black epi Jasmin and it never gets dirty and when it gets wet it kind of just rolls right off.

    I've been using my black neo cabby gm all fall and winter, and just like a pair of jeans when it gets wet, nothing happens to it. The denim on the cabby is weather protected and very thick denim. So far this has been the best "worry free" bag I've ever owned!!!
  9. Damier! I have the speedy and I live in Montreal so its cold/snows alot and I bring it out and it is great!
  10. Another vote for Damier (any of the zipper styles) but then again epi holds up just as well in bad weather.
  11. damier of any kind. Mini lin.:smile: Epi

    I'd go for a mini lin speedy, epi alma or speedy.
  12. Honestly, i'd NOT get a coated canvas bag to use in cold weather. It gets very stiff and is a hazard to the material and construction of the bag. Pease consider this if you live in an environment with heavy winter. Leather/uncoated canvas is much better.
  13. Damier speedy for hand held, Saleya for Shoulder. Epi & Suhali Lockit are great too :yes:
  14. Denim neo cabby in black......the handles are not vachetta, so nothing to worry about. I've spilled water on it and it beads up and rolls off.
  15. Ebene Mini Lin Speedy