Best ALL time DRUGSTORE items!

  1. For me:

    SEABREEZE - i've tried expensive toners and always come back to this.

    NEUTROGENA - fantastic lipglosses! Especially "glam".

    L'OREAL - "front page peach" blush - a le blush that looked a lot like nars orgasm - but better!

    AVEENO - Positively Radiant lip enhancer - don't know how this works on me, but it does. My lips look fuller and glowing!

    NEUTROGENA - deep clean face wash. I'd die without this. Again, I tried super pricey ones - this works best for me.

    ALPHA HYDROX - AHA soufflee creme. I'm 36 - but people think i'm in my early 20's! nuff said!

    So what are yours?:flowers:
  2. st ives apricot scrub!
  3. cetaphil
    neutrogena body oil
    purpose face wash
    dove sensitive moisturizer
    bonne bell lip smackers
    l'oreal voluminous mascara
    coty airspun powder (in the brownish yellow paper box)
    luvs babywipes
    alpha hydrox cream

    i love the drug store.:tender:
  4. I have been experimenting with mascara lately, and find that my lashes are clumping together with them. I have long lashes, so they don't need lengthening, so I tried Neutrogena's Lash Tint, and it is fabulous! It adds no weight or volume, but it darkens my lashes so you can see all of them. No clumping! I love it! :nuts:

    Also, as many of the others have mentioned, Glysomed is the best hand cream.
  5. CETAPHIL - i have tried many different kinds of moisturizers, from all the drug store brands to all the nice department store brands, but this tops everything. It moisturizes my skin perfectly and it gives me a healthy glow!!
  6. St. Ives Apircot Scrub
    Olay Senstive Skin Cleanser
    And most drugstore lipgloss is okay but all of mine that I use isn't from the drugstore.
    And an awesome Mascara (but not the one I use): Loreal Lash Artichet 3-D.
  7. neutrogena microdermabrasion kit & refills
    ponds makeup remover wipes
    sally hansen nail polishes
  8. Cetaphil, hands down. A pinch of baking soda mixed in makes it a great exfoliating scrub as well.
  9. L'oreal Microdermabrasion kit. Its awesome!
  10. completely agree! Hands down one of the best facial scrubs out there!
    It makes my skin feel amazing and my skin's never too dry when I wash my skin with it.Other products seem to always dry me out, but I love St. Ives! :yes:
  11. Cetaphil Moisutrizing Cream (Dry, Sensitive Skin Treatment
    Fragrance Free and Non-Comedogenic)

    Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On

    Dove Sensitive Skin bar soap

    Arm & Hammer Advance White (Dental Baking Soda & Peroxide) Toothpaste
  12. Cover Girl Lash Exact mascara
    Cover Girl Aquastay mascara
    L'Oreal Translucide loose powder (it's good for the La Roche Posay sunscreen that I use)
    Alpha Hydrox (if I can find it!)
  13. Loreal Microdermabrasion is terrific and really brightens my face. Also, Philosophy Sole Perfect is the absolute best foot exfoliator for the summer.
  14. I love:
    Maybelline's Lash Exact
    Bonne Belle's Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker
    Kerasal Foot Ointment (all you need after foot filing---a summer must-have)
  15. LOVE:

    1) Cetaphil cleanser
    2) Glysomed hand cream
    3) Biore patches
    4) Crest toothpaste :P
    5) Revlon nailpolish remover