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  1. I've used these products for a couple of months now. They're all fantastic. They're made without the harsh chemicals that most off the shelves products contain. My skin is clearer and 'friendlier'. Its hard to describe how i feel afer i use the products. I'm a 50% raw foodie i.e. i eat raw foods like fruit & vege % sashimi. I feel its better for my body. The Simply Divine products compliment my lifestyle. Unlike most 'ORGANIC & totally natural' skincare out there, Simply divne's doesn't smell like a poo diaper :smile: for those of you that have tried natural skincare you'll know what i mean.

    The range is created by a lady that was previously a chemist i think. Her prices are good and she has very good shipping services. Have a look at the website, there's lots of feedback on there. I've introduced it to my friends... and they love it too.

    For those of you that are going to try it. PM me,i can tell you which products i love best.
  2. I gotta check this stuff out! It sounds pretty good. I use an all natural cleaner/moisterizer and I love those to death.