Best advice you received on the forum

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  1. I received 2 great advice tips from fellow TPFers. One was a while back to purchase the bag I was contemplating then, because of the expected price increase. I listened and therefore saved some money! The other advice was just the other day about the purse hook in restaurants. Has anyone else received great suggestions about a purchase or care of a LV?:smile:
  2. More on the purchase end i guess you can say....that advice was:

    follow your heart. if you don't LOVE it, don't keep it.

  3. :tdown:i've never received best advice on the forum...only gave




    Whether positive or no advice on the forum

    the fact i'm even receiving any advice!!! is a gift itself!

    :tup::tup::tup:LVOE TPF!
  4. The best advice I've read was to give your credit card # if you're on the wait list and truly serious about the item.
    The other is to trust your own taste, not to worry what others think.
  5. To get the vachetta to "tan" put the bag in the sun and get your hand lotion
    on it.:yes::tup:
  6. to not care so much whether someone has a fake....even though it was done harshly, im glad ive stopped really caring if people think my bag is fake or not as well! because i know they are real
  7. The best thing is knowing about new items ~ even before the SA's seem to know and knowing when to WL for the items I really want!
  8. It wasn't advice so much as a concerned question: "Aren't you going to get a Mahina XS and a Matisse?"
  9. Never buy anything from ebay without first verifying the authenticity of the item with tPF!!!
  10. Not advice. But LabelAddict's sticky's on upcoming collections are the best!
  11. Not so much as best advice for me personally. But I must thank fellow tPfers for sharing, e.g what are the hottest bags or upcoming collections, and those yummy pics. And of course, the "Authenticate This Thread". :tup:
  12. To use Magic Erasure to clean the handles on my MC Speedy!
  13. Of course everything everyone has already said. Plus, one that has not been said yet is..... I take a DVD case and open it up and put it on the bottom of my speedy 30's for zero sag.
  14. Oh yeah, another one is use baby wipes to clean my bags
  15. I've learned so much here. I think the baby wipes are the biggest piece of advice I've received! I have a pack on stand by at home!