Best Accessories for a 05 Sky Blue First

  1. Can any of you fabulous Balenciaga-saavy women help me out?

    I'm a Balenciaga newbie, it hasn't even arrived yet and I'm plotting out storage for the inside.

    Ideas? Suggestions?

  2. Well...from what I have heard about the First, think small! What sort of items are you looking for? I think it will hold a small wallet, cell phone, small makeup bag and that's about all.
  3. If you're wondering what can fit inside the bag, here's what I carry in my apple green first :nuts:

    lip balm
    cell phone
    sunglasses (sometimes)
    pressed powder compact
    travel sized bottle of excedrin
    travel hairbrush

    Because it's a slouchy, giving bag, you can fit more things in there than you'd think. It's quite deceptive :amuse:

    Congrats on your purchase, you sound so excited! :nuts:
  4. That sounds better than my list! Go with that!
  5. Wow. I didn't know the first held so much. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you've opened my eyes (wallet??) to another style.
  6. Wow, I didn't know you can squeeze so much inside. I was thinking if I get a purse, I'll put in my wallet, iPod, hp, keys, tissue, makeup bag.

    But can it fit a bottled water? I always carry water around so my bags must be big enough to fit that along with my other stuff.
  7. it doesnt really fit a bottle of water comfortably, at least not under your shoulder. but it holds quite a bit... I just got an olive first this week, and its surprisingly easy to use, but not as roomy as the city.
  8. I carry a bottle of water, a wallet, checkbook, keys, phone, lip balm, small pouch of vitamins and sometimes a snack and it still fits over my shoulder but I have skinny arms. The first is perfect for me!
  9. i can fit my life in here!!! its awesome!
    wallet, keys, phone, notebook, sunglasses, water, pens, makeup bag wheee!!!