Best 3 Step Face Care Line?

  1. What do you all use? I am a huge fan of cleanser, toner, mosturizer kits- but what do you find works best? Especially for oily/blemish prone skin?

    Help me find a new line guys! I'll pay whatever :flowers:

  2. I just recently ordered from a company called Jurlique.They have combination packages on their website for different types of skin.They are abit price-y but i don't think it's too bad since all their products are made from things found in nature like honey,milk,rosemary,etc.

    The URL for the oily skin package is :

    hope it's helped ! :amuse:
  3. I'm a personal believer in philosophy. I use On a Clear Day wash, and the h202 cream and blemish serum. Sometimes I skip the last two and just moisturize, it just depends. The great thing is you can really mix and match with philosophy according to your needs. I love love love this brand.
  4. I have normal and combo skin, and I've been using Biotherm - cleanser, toner, and moisturizer...on different occasions, different friends commented how my skin looks I think it must've worked! I've tried their Oily skin toner also, and i thought it was pretty good too. The thing I really love from their line is Biotherm Source Therapie...that stuff is the best, use it alone or with moisturizer(it's a concentrate), you'll feel your face so smooth!
  5. I love Jurlique as well! BUT I really think DDF has some of the best products, I have oily skin and occassionall breakouts, the DDF works better than anything I ever tried including prescription meds!
  6. Check out essential day spa Almost each brand there has a starter kit, their forum is also very informative and helpful.

    I personally love Yonka Gel Nettoyant for cleansing, it's one step cleanser to wash and take makeup off. Jurlique is lovely too, just as Decleor. The above 3 makes are all natural, great stuffs.

    Obagi is great for oil/acne prone skin, BryanBoy swears by it, he shows the before and after pics of his face for using this product. You might need dermatologist to recommend this. But it's sold on EDS too. Ask them about it on the forum. I am tempted to try after seeing how BB's skin glows now from scarred face before.
  7. Well, I have been using Clarin, Paris for almost 22 years and it works for me. The price is bit pricey but I only use assential such as clearner, toner, day cream, night cream, and treatment that I use for once a month or whenever I remember or thing i neeed it. My skin type is normal to sensitive. I couldn't even use any other facial car from other line but this Clarin works for me. They product doesn't contain alcohol which will dry my skin so bad if I use I other reg prod that contains alcohol. It also contains natural ingredient. They are really good stuffs.
  8. I love Proactiv!
  9. I have really trouble skin too, oily and formerly prone to blemishes (before I started on Diane 35) and I used Clinique's 3 step system. I'd have to say, that the moisterizer is a little too heavy in the summer and makes my skin feel so greasy the day after if I use it at night. It's great in the winter though, and the soap is really, really good - plus if you work out the costs, 14$ for a piece of soap seems crazy, but not if it lasts you for 3 years !!
  10. I just started using Proactive last month & its been okay for me. I think I have to wait it out because you can't really tell right away.. =)
  11. The esthetician at my dermatologist's office recommended a combination of Skinceutical products and MD Forte for my oily skin. She said that sometimes skin has different needs on different days so I gauage my cleansing/toning/moisturizing needs based on its "mood" each day.

    I also get Parisian Peels and chemical peels every few weeks. This has really helped with the oil problem as well.

    Oh, and I learned from my dermatologist and esthetician to always use suncscreen. I always thought it would make my skin extra oily and would cause it to break out, but they told me to use the Skinceuticals brand and now I wouldn't dream of going without it.
  12. I didn't start getting acne until I was almost 40. I don't mean to sound like an infomercial, but Proactiv really works! I love it! They also have a moisturizer with SPF 15 that is good.
  13. I don't have oily skin but I am prone to breakout/sensitive skin. I'm a huge skincare nut and have used everything from the cheapest to the most expensive and what I'm using now has made by skin looks its absolute best!

    a.m. - Dermalogica Special Gel Cleanser (fab stuff)
    the BP gel (a 2.5% bp gel that works amazing)
    Clinique's Total Turnaround Concentrate
    Dermalogica Tinted Moisturizer
    Dermadoctor's Wrinkle Relif Eye Cream (i think that's the name)

    p.m. the same routine (except of course the TM).

    every other night - MD Skincare Alpha Beta Peel
  14. I recently switched over to some Dermalogica products and it has done wonders for my skin.

    AM- Shiseido face wash, Dermalogica toner and Dermalogica tinted moisturizer

    PM- 1st two steps are the same, but I use a night cream from

    I have combo skin and tend to breakout. I definitely don't break out as much any more and if I do, it's only a few.
  15. I haven't tried it but I've heard great things about the C.O. Bigelow 3 step at BBW--here's a link for normal to oily