Best 1st. Hermes Bag? Please Help...

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Please help me choose my first Hermes bag!

  1. 35 Orange Kelly Clemence PHW

  2. 32 Orange Kelly Clemence PHW

  3. 35 Orange Birkin Togo PHW

  4. 35 Blue Jean Birkin Togo PHW

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. another vote for 35 Orange Birkin Togo PHW
  2. Hi KathyD,
    My vote goes to Orange Birkin 35. H makes the best looking orange bag on earth! :yes:
    Hope you can score one soon!!
  3. My vote is for the 35cm Birkin in Orange Togo with PHW. I am still waiting and dreaming about the day I will acquire one of my dream bags which is a 35cm Birkin in Orange Togo with GHW:cloud9: I am both a Birkin and Kelly girl, but in orange I LOVE it in a Birkin. Good luck!!!!
  4. Consider the orange Birkin in the 30 cm....
    Orange clememce with PHW. Best of both worlds!
  5. An orange Birkin is so Hermes. GL
  6. I'm a Birkin gal all the way. I got my orange first and blue jean after that and haven't looked back! Hermes bags are like potato chips as far as I'm concerned: you can't just have one! :P
  7. I voted for the Blue Jean Birkin. I think that color would look best with your haircolor and coloring.
  8. A birkin then a Kelly will sure follow :smile: never fails! Haha! Orange is fabulous regardless of leather! I would vote Togo because clemence gets heavy in a 35.
    What an exciting time this must be for u! U simply can't go wrong with either bag! Good luck !
  9. 32 K vs 35 K. They have different proportions. I think 32 K looks more elegant then 35 K.

    35 K vs 35 B. 35 B would fit a lot more than 35 K, because of it can be worn open. 35 B has longer width than 35 K.

    Togo vs clemence. The same color in togo is more muted than clemence.