Best 1st. Hermes Bag? Please Help...

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Please help me choose my first Hermes bag!

  1. 35 Orange Kelly Clemence PHW

  2. 32 Orange Kelly Clemence PHW

  3. 35 Orange Birkin Togo PHW

  4. 35 Blue Jean Birkin Togo PHW

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  1. #1 Sep 13, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2010
    I have been collecting mainly LV & Chanel. However, this is the year for my Hermes bag purchase! :nuts: I'm very excited, but I want to make the right decision for my money. I want to purchase either a Birkin or Kelly. I like both bags equally as well. I'm aware that the Birkin holds it's value, but I also love the shape of the Kelly. I have 2 black Chanel bags in case the Orange or Blue will not work with certain outfits, and several mono LV's for brown tones. I have been studying the reference threads, colors, leathers, etc. Now I've narrowed it down to these choices:
    32 Kelly Orange Clemence PHW
    35 Kelly Orange Clemence PHW
    35 Birkin Orange Togo PHW
    35 Blue Jean Togo PHW
    I thought that I wanted a neutral, but I'm in love with the Orange after seeing it in person. I'm 5'6" and 112 lbs. for size reference. Do you ladies think the 35 Kelly is too large for the style? And is the 35 size best suited for the Birkin? Thank you so much. I would appreciate everyone's comments.
  2. Personally, I prefer the orange in a birkin and also with ghw. So my first choice would be the birkin in orange, followed by the 32 kelly, then the 35 kelly and finally the blue jean. I love H orange, hope you get your dream bag soon! :flowers:
  3. 35 Orange Birkin Togo PHW
  4. How about an orange birkin 35 ph in clemence (orange in clemence is more vibrant) if you like to arm-carry/hand-hold , a orange kelly 35 ph clemence if you need the versatility of having a shoulder strap on top of the arm-carrying/hand-holding.
  5. Thank you Blusilv! ;) I'm really OK with either color hardware. I think the Orange is fab! And for fall, it would probably go more with my wardrobe. I haven't seen a Birkin or Kelly in Blue Jean, but the pictures are beautiful.
  6. Good idea. I felt like the Kelly 35 could take the place of a Birkin and Kelly in one. LOL. I just didn't know if the Kelly 35 looked too big for that particular style. I don't mind handheld bags. Most of my LV's are handheld, and my Chanel flaps are, of course, shoulder. So that really doesn't matter to me. However, for long shopping trips, travel, etc. the shoulder strap would definitely come in handy.
  7. This was my original choice. However ,a SA called me to purchase the bag before seeing it in person and I declined (you've seen the thread in Hermes shopping) :sweatdrop:. Now that I've seen the Orange, I would have taken it. It is not nearly as bright as I thought it would be. I really love it.
  8. Sounds like orange is the right color for you, regardless of which bag. :smile:

    Now, since you seem equally open to a Kelly or a Birkin and don't seem to have a preference for hand held vs. hand held/shoulderstrap, I'd go with the one that makes your heart sing the most. You have been very diligent about thinking about color/leather/lifestyle/ wardrobe, so after all the intellectual contortions, you should listen to your heart IMO. And know that once you are hooked on H, whichever bag you choose probably won't be your last...

    Good luck and let us know what you decide!
  9. Bj birkin then orange 35cm Kelly. You know u can't just stop at one!!
  10. Orange Birkin in Togo will be a great start!
  11. orange birkin!
  12. Orange Birkin with GHW - Such a beautiful bag for Fall! I actually prefer the Blue Jean on a Kelly... so maybe that could be your second bag ;)
  13. I think what will likely happen is that you won't want to carry your other bags once you get an H bag. My first major H bag was a Kelly and then I realized I wasn't a Kelly girl once I got a Birkin. You might want to consider a color you can wear a lot because you will want to carry it a lot!! I am a huge fan of orange but I don't like to wear it with stark black.
  14. Thanks, Kipp. This is so hard. I've tried on 2 different Kellys, one 32 & one 35. But I've never actually tried on a Birkin. I saw one behind glass, but was a little intimidated to ask to try it on. LOL. So I'm a little more familiar with a Kelly. However, I don't want to give up on my Birkin search either. They are both gorgeous.
    Oh no, don't tell me that! I've heard that you can't stop at one. From looking at everyone's comments on the PF, I tend to believe it. One of each would be great!
    Thanks bagalogist! Seems like the Orange Birkin is winning in the poll.
    Thanks! :biggrin:
    Looks as if most ladies recommend both. I could really see the orange for fall too.
    Good point, Kallie Girl. I just want a bag with some punch, so that's why I'm leaning towards the Orange or Blue Jean. I can't want to own one!
  15. I voted for orange birkin with PHW! I adore orange with PHW.