Besso Bags

  1. Don't know what you will all think of this...

    I needed a run around bag, big and roomy, that I wouldn't worry about carrying everyday in the weather coming. I'd been looking at Balenciaga bags but after all the Koobas I have bought this year with another coming soon I decided I didn't want to spend big bucks.

    Looked up the Besso bags on eBay and ended up buying a blue jean color bag. Honestly it is the neatest bag with weird almost suede like rough leather. I took it to work and people were all over it, saying how cool it was. 120.00 and I left work with it in a torrential rain with no umbrella and it suffered none.

    I am not sure what I feel about the bag. I know it's not a counterfieit but it does steal the style so closely, although maybe not the leather. Do Balenciaga bags come in a rough distressed leather? This is a real leather Besso not from the Diva Collection. I have to admit I love it.

    Now I think I would love the Real Deal....Is what I did a sin?
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  2. No that is not a sin! I have a Besso bag also, and they are perfectly clear that their designs are "inspired by". For the price, I think the quality is really great and it doesn't cost a small fortune to buy a bag or two (or three) :yes:

    I've been looking at these bags also; getting ready to buy a couple more since I now know how their leather feels and looks. Congrats, enjoy your purchase.
  3. I don't think it's a "sin" either. I have a besso messenger bag, and I think it's cute! It looks very similar to a belenciaga messenger bag. I have a balenciaga day bag, and the leather is totally different. The balenciaga leather is soft and smooshy. But for the price of the besso, it makes a great alternative, that I don't worry about getting knocked around.
  4. Well, I'm glad to hear that. The lady who I bought it from said Besso is stopping making the bag that I got with the strange leather. It smells strongly of leather but has a distressed suedy look. So I decided to get a brown one too before it's too late.
    I looked at the Paddy and IF type styles. Not too sure about that. And I won't bother with the Diva line lince it's not real leather.
    I am still amazed that I took that bag a block and a half in a torrential downpour and there isn't a mark on it after it dried.
  5. Could you please post pics? I just bought a messenger bag a few days ago and I'm too curious how it looks in real life:wtf:
  6. Thanks DiamondGirl. I saved that site. I did see my weird bag. They're called Vintage. I have a brown one coming. But if anyone wants a motorcycle bag style from them, I'd get it now. They are not going to make that line any longer. This is what i was told by the eBay seller. I might have to nab a regular leather looking one too.
  7. There is a certain amount of borrowing from designer to designer. Obviously, that's why certain styles are popular from year to year. Other designers, for instance, have a speedy-style bag. As long as they vary it up, it works.

    I personally wouldn't be comfortable carrying this bag. I don't know where each individual draws the line. There just doesn't seem to be anything on this that differs from the Balenciaga - from accessories to hardware style and placement.

    Sorry for the dissenting opinion! I'm not giving you a hard time. This just wouldn't work for me.
  8. Uhoh...I feel some spending coming on, myself....thanks, is great to pick up a deal!...oh wow....this is going to be baddddddddd!!!! Thank you SOOOO much for the heads up!!!
  9. Gah! I love that bag in white. Should I should I? Does anyone know if the 40% works for sale items?
  10. I'll admit I trimmed my strings. They were way to long to deal with, plus my cats thought my purse was their new play toy.
    Aoooh Nooo. 40% off! How can I stop this spending with all of this temptation! Thanks alot ;)
  11. I bought a Besso & while it is a nice bag, I have never carried it because it looks too nuch like my Balanciaga and it makes me feel as if it is a fake:sad:

    I really need to learn how to sell on eBay, I have quite a few never carried bags and never worn shoes that need to find new homes.
  12. I love Besso bags. I have purchased two of the leather motorcycle bags and one of the spy bags. I sold one of the motocycle bags on eBay because I changed my mind about the color.

    The first one that I purchased was a black motorcycle bag and I have used it nearly everyday for the past year and a half. The leather is great! I have no regret and no shame! It was an awsome deal for such a well made bag. I plan on purchasing more Besso bags in the future. They are great!:wlae:
  13. Goorgeous Bag ...