Bessie's Purchases from the KOoba Moving sale! :)

  1. ok so although i was not able to get the nicole in luggage i wanted, i figured i just took the subway in the pouring rain at 630pm all the way from brooklyn i am NOT leaving empty handed! :smile:

    So (as i tell you this let me describe the setting, an empty room full of cardboard boxes stuffed with bags. Signes on the walls with pictures of the styles and prices, and a few shelves showcasing the most popular)

    This was a cash only like grab and go sale, but by the time i got there it had clearly been picked through 100 times over, a lot of bags were in very poor condition, many scratched and most popular colors gone

    there were only rose nicoles left which i knew from lexies charlie rose experience were a big NO for me!

    Then they had annies which i do love, i got one for my mom at the last SSS sample sale, but she doesnt use it enough so i figured if i want an annie i can use that one ;)

    So then the siennas, i havent ever been a big fan of them (stop throwing rocks at me! hehe)
    i dunno why just didnt work for me, but they had a fair amt, all pebbled, mostly raisin color

    then there were these areas with boxes marked $100, so everything inside was $100, then there were $75 boxes, and $40 boxes (damaged stuff)

    Also some bags werent marked on the wall and they just sort of told you the price, i think they were def. arbitrarily assigned prices, like depending on the mood of the people at that time :smile:

    and they def were willing to negotiate somewhat, (ex: i didnt have quite enough to get the bag i wanted to pick up for dear lexie, and so instead of $150 it was $130 since that was what i could pay ) -this was the gretchen and she wasnt shown on the wall at all, and i heard them tell $170 to another lady 1st so i dunno it was a weird sale but thats how it goes when its all cash and no receipts, it just depends on what they decide

    SO within the $100 boxes were a few paiges but they were all pretty badly scratched, some random colored siennas, some styles i hadnt seen before,

    then in the $75 were jessies, marcelles(i think, that hobo one with the studs), and some random bags

    Ok thats enough review now for the good part what i bought!

    so as i said above i picked up a honey Gretchen for Lexie :smile: which is in near perfect condition which is awsome concidering how damaged some bags were!

    SO when i came in the first thing i did was gravitate to the new bags, the Meridith was the one that stood out to me, i have always liked the style but i was not going to pay retail so :smile: I was happy to see them there, but i knew i didnt want blonde and so i snatched up the 2 slates that were there and starting being Inspector Bessie

    I went over the bag over and over and over for which was in better shape, some poor woman wanted one haha but i had to make sure i had the better one :smile:

    so i bought it, and i love it a lot but i just cant decide if its perfect for me or not,,,
    it was $200 so i know if i sell it i will be fine but i didnt buy it with the intention to sell it, i am just scared of the leather because i believe it is the same as the nicole and charlie

    i dunno i am going to treat it like 8 times with the wilsons stuff and maybe i will decide what to do , i dunno haha im just unsure if it will work for me but i love it so much :smile:

    then i picked up a pebbled jessie in Bourbon (i wasnt going to but lexie talked me into it :smile: i am not the biggest fan on pebbled leather but i am hoping it will grow on me :smile:

    Then my pride and joys of the trip to the sale , my 2 vintage finds! :smile:

    The kooba Virginia and the Kooba Kendall! :smile:

    They are my loves and i am so glad i found them! the Kendall was the only one i saw, lost in a see of $75 bags, in a beautiful rich forest green , the color just blew my mind and i HAD to have her

    and then i decided to just browse the $40 box, the sad damaged bags, and what did i see, the Virginia! and the only damage was her tiny front buckle thing to close the pocket was not attached, the gromit thing had broken, but it was inside the pocket and totally mendable! :smile: so she came with me!

    SOOO that was my trip to the kooba moving sale, i walked out with 5 bags for about $500!!! :smile: that made me very very happy as just one of these could have cost me that price retail!!!! :smile:

    yay :smile: hehe ok here are the pictures!!!!!!!

    OK 1st lexies gretchen :smile: so beautiful! the color is so rich and the leather soooo soft yum! this was one i was thinking of buying then decided i had too many so i am glad i was able to get it for lexie in the end

    next up, my jessie ;) so cute but i must get used to the pebbles,,,

    Ok now the meridith some angles to show her off ;)
  2. and finally my vintage kooba finds!!!!! :smile:

    the virginia, here is the stock photo from kooba
    you can see on it which piece on the front of mine is missing the part that dangles down with the 2 moon shaped things is missing, but the little loop that holds them and looks like it has a small button on it that is included and thats actually what the inner snap is attached to


    see this picture below is the bag as it is

    and here it you can see what the pocket will look like when i have the piece that was included, reattached! :smile: for $40 its amazing and i really dont mind it missing the hangy thing

    ok next up other vintage bag :smile: the Kendell! :smile:
    and this is the exact forest green i got! :smile: i am so in love!

    the flash makes the color look different in my picture but its the same rich green as the pic above

    here shows the color better

    WHEW! :smile: hehe that's all folks! my arms are SO sore from carrying all these around! hope you enjoyed my pictures and story along with them Xoxoxo! :smile:
  3. Holy moley Bessie! You really got some serious shopping done today! I LOVE that Kendall... that deep green color is gorgeous...

    Ha Ha. When you called yourself Inspector Bessie, right away I pictured you with a Sherlock Holmes hat and a magnifying glass looking at all those Koobas... ;)
  4. hahaha!! thats fantastic :smile:
    thats totally what i was doing, i was like "go go gadget magnifyer!"
  5. When I saw Bessie's post about her thnking she was 6:30! I thought quickly....darn I bet there is a steal for me there. So I called her and left her a message to get me a Sienna in Pebbled leather just for the hell of it. When she got to the store she called me and gave me a run down and after much deliberation I went for the Gretchen (which I don't have and it's honey, not brown brown). I flipped flopped between a Blonde Meredith and a Pebbled Sienna but with Bessie's help she talked me into the Gretchen (since it was in such good shape). And much more of a style I would use and like.
    Hubby was even into it. He wondered why I didn't get 3 or 4 bags and I told him "Because we are using all of Bessie's money up out of her account".

    Anyway, Thanks to Bess for being such a sweetheart I too could feel I went to a Moving sale by proxy. And my weird Gretchen has a sewn in tag that says "Sample...not for resale" and a made in Korea tag! Isn't that wild? We figure they might have made some bags in Korea or at least their sample prototypes. The bag is exactly like a real gretchen so if it is a prototype they didn't change anything.
  6. Oh Bessie, what a great haul!:yahoo:

    Have been looking at your pictures over and over again, love the colour of Lexie's Gretchen, Lexie, could you picture yourself at a sample sale?, you'd bar the door and clean them out, LOL

    That Slate Meredith is beautiful, saw the Meredith in Singapore last weekend, it was the Blonde, Slate is much nicer, lucky you:smile:
  7. Bessie, congratulations. You needed something to go right for you this week. I'm delighted that you found some great bargains and I can't wait to see the pics of you modeling them. Congrats to Lexie too - you got a great bag by proxy.
  8. Oh I am so jealous! I would be standing in line for that sale, Starbucks in hand, with my little shopping cart like the bag ladies use.

    Bessie, congrats on your great finds and we love your report, thank you so much!
  9. WOW!! Good for you!! I could not make it as work called. Where will they be moving to, do you know?
  10. Bessie-Congrats on your haul. They are all gorgeous. I especially love the Virginia.
  11. I just know in my heart that after a few months you will be telling us that you have just fallen in love with that pebbled leather, Bessie. You are a lucky girl! I would have just loved to have been there just to smell the fumes!!!!
  12. I think Bess showed alot of restraint. I already told my husband that he is lucky we didn't live in New York. I would have been there opening day and bought ALOT more than 5 bags. I mean, think of it this way...Bess got 5 bags for under the price of one! When I told hubby this he understood completely why buying 2 bags (equals 10 at the sale) would be totally reasonable.
  13. Aren't there ever any sales like that in Canada?? I am so jealous...still bidding on my Lena on eBay!!
  14. Bessie girl, those bags are adorable (esp the vintage ones) What does the lining look like on those?

    You are so lucky to live close to the action-I would have closed out my saving account & gone nuts!! (and that would cause all kinds of problems with my hubby, so maybe it's best-lol)

    Enjoy your beauties!
  15. You did a great job - they are all so nice! I keep picturing you holding the two Merediths inspecting them, while another woman stands behind you tapping her foot waiting for you to finish with one of them to hand it over to her! :p