Bessie's Amazing New Bag Charms!!! :)!!!

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  1. HI again :smile: me here

    so i wanted to share the amazingly beautiful bag charms i have recieved the last few days

    i will start with the one i bought today while getting my Tano!

    i love cats and saw this and had to have it!:smile:

    here is the stock photo
    and here are my pics

    It prob. wont stay on the red bag although it looks amazing on it, i am known to move my charms around :smile: i just thought it was so adorable AND practical haha now i can know the time always!

    there were 2 others i wanted to buy SOOOO BADLY that many of you are going to DROOL ALL OVER! :smile:

    THEY WERE SO CUTE but for me not as useful cause for the price of $28 i didnt just want the charm i wanted the watch to be useful and for it to be inside something its not as useful cause i would have to get it out each time

    but they were SO cute it was heart breaking to walk away from ! :smile: who knows may pick one up another day if i still feel i should have got one !:smile:
    here they are:
    the watches are attached to the charm :smile:
  2. My other charms to show off are from my lovely new friend ANIKO! :smile: she lives in Ireland and was lovely enough to let me purchase these from her and she HAND MAKES THEM!!!!! :smile: I love them SOSOSOSOSO MUCH THANK YOU ANIKO!!!! :smile: they are my most favorite charm i have ever owned ever!!! :smile: SO WELL MADE< AMAZING LEATHER AND AS CUTE AS CAN BE!!! :smile:

    here is one of the charms (alice on one side, and the red queen on the other)


    and here is the other charm that is the reason i contacted her in the 1st place was because i HAD to have the cheshire cat! :smile:


    and on his other side, :smile: the white rabbit

    here is the cat and white rabbit one looking AMAZING on my ALI :smile:

    and finally my BEAUUTIFUL!!!!!!! TPF CHARM ON MY ALI AS WELL (although it moves from bag to bag every day)
  3. Where in the world did you get the cat charm?! I've never seen anything like it and I WANT ONE!!!
  4. Beautiful bag and it looks great on you!! Love the color and the shape....ENJOY!!
  5. oops, sorry, I meant to post to your Tano Bag thread!!
  6. Oh boy, just what I for my bags. They really are so cute.

    Is there a link to buy the first kitty one?
  7. Omg Bessie - I saw your post and I just had to show this to you:


    LOL! I know Aniko too! She is just awesome! She made me Pods that looked like Bbag Pods but I like her's much better! How did you know her? I only have her email - I wonder if she has a website!

    Oh and also my current favourite - my little pink money - its a Marc Jacobs - picked it up for $10 at the Off Saks in Niagara Falls!


    Here it is resting comfortably on my Tano Sexy Terry :graucho:


    OMG this is so cool! Such a small world!
    Very cool!
  8. OH!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the pods i think ive seen them once before i jsut dont know what i would use them for

    is the big cheshire cat the back of the pod?
  9. I would assume it is the Cheshire Cat! I have it on my charm too!

    This is so cool that you have the charms too! I love them - they are so well made!

    I love your clock charms by the way - the cat one is adorable! Not to mention with that you don't need to carry a watch!
  10. Wow...really cute!
  11. ohh tenmosquito i didnt even nootice the monkey!!! how cute is he :smile: (and ps lovee niagra falls i want to go back there so bad!)
  12. Wow Bessie!!! I love the Rogue pods!!!!!! I need one so badly!!!

    BTW- I checked out our store for the mukluk "charms" and all they had were a very ragged pair- not good. They had the SMALLEST mittens though- haha~ cute cute~ the mittens were $25 and the ragged mukluks were $35. Don't worry I'll keep on checking for you!! :yes:
  13. Bessie thanks for the pics and sharring the link.
    I really love the big red dog charm!!!
    So cute!
  14. nice charms