Bespoke Wine Pebbled Hug Me!

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    This thread if for a wine pebbled glossy Hug Me ONLY.

    Please post here if you are ready to order one in the small, medium or large size. You can state your size and hardware selection. I'm ready to keep my list now. Can you tell that I really REALLY want a large wine HM? hehe

    When I get ready to start a list then you know I'm READY.

    I'm thinking the delivery date for this wouldn't be until March and if you prefer April then please let me know.

    Thanks all!:smile:
  2. Where might I see a sample of this leather?

    ETA: Merciful heavens, our post count and join date are back!! Thank goodness. It feels like home again.
  3. Hmm.... Somewhere on this forum there's a picture of the Prada bag and then Contessa just recently posted another pic. Maybe someone could copy/paste it here for easy reference?
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    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Here's the Prada bag:

    (I need to look for Contessa's pic; I missed it entirely!)

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  5. Has there been an actual sample of this color?
  6. This leather sounds so pretty. The Hug Me is a wonderful bag.
  7. Here's Contessa's pic (including a sample of the leather):

    Attached Files:

  8. Thanks Jenny. I simply must have my large HM in this!

    It's absolutely stunning!
  9. Large wine glossy Hug Me, I don't much care about hardware color.
  10. Based just on that prada bag, I think the hug me would be super gorgeous. I am not on the list yet, but monitoring with great interest! This is solving my problem, though, wanting the LARGE hug me but not necessarily the milk chocolate, which I'm now committing to in the TME midi.

    Long story short, note me as interested, please.
  11. That glossy pebbled wine leather does look very luscious.
  12. Watching this thread to see the interest....I am considering this leather for either a large HM or a TMA!
  13. This will be beautiful no doubt! GL with this bespoke!
  14. Jen, I'm in for a medium if the group bespoke goes ahead. Exciting stuff! Never been in on a group thing before!
  15. Great. I"m adding your name to my list now.

    I hope we receive enough interest in this one. I just KNOW this will be a stunning handbag. I"ve been using my large black glossy HM all week and just LOVE it to pieces!

    Jackie is STILL using her large daily and that's since August. There's something about the HM style that doesn't allow you to get tired of wearing it for prolonged use!:smile: