Bespoke wine pebbled glossy Love Me

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  1. #1 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Based on the poll in another thread, it seems there's a fair amount of interest in a Love Me / Love Me Midi / Love Me Mini in wine pebbled glossy. Please post here if you would be ready to commit to a group bespoke.

    I'd love a Love Me with silver hardware. I would be ready to place a deposit soon but am flexible in terms of timing if others need to wait.

    Here's a link to the thread with a pic. of the leather sample:
  2. New to be- I would be interested in this. I like the love me and someone said the pebbled leathers are like prada's cervo? If so, count me in- how does this work? Do you have to have a ## of people to order it?
  3. Yes, my understanding is that the pebbled leather's are like prada's cervo. I believe we need 8 people to go forward and it seems most are going for a Hug Me in this leather right now. The other option is to do an individual bespoke but that involves an extra 20% charge.
  4. thanks for responding so fast!

    ok, so she just adds 20% to the price and you can order now? Do you email through the web site to order or how does one go about this?
  5. I would recommend sending e-mail to Jackie or Rose re: the next step (; I think that their workshop is backed up with spring production and current bespokes so clarify how soon it could be produced. If it would take a couple of months before they could start it, you might want to see if we can get more people by then in order to be able to pay the lower price.
  6. This is a dangerous little thread isn't it?!:graucho:

    Not that I can participate I'm afraid, but it struck me that a LM Midi with gold h/w in the wine pebbled glossy leather would be drop dead gorgeous!:drool: Please bear in mind that I'm a bit LM Midi obsessed though.

    Just a thought - if Jackie could accept differing sizes of LM within a group bespoke for this leather, maybe more people would jump aboard?:shrugs:
  7. #7 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    You're LM midi obsession is completely understandable!

    I was assuming that a bespoke could include all sizes, as does the current dark grey matte LM bespoke. This would have to be confirmed of course.

    Here's a link to a thread with a black pebbled glossy LM midi, to give an idea of how this type of leather looks in the style.
  8. This is very interesting...Hmmmm....I originally wanted a love me or love me midi in choco glossy but later thought the color was too light. I will be watching this thread.
  9. I may be interested. Tough decision between this and the WTM midi:confused1:
  10. LL - you finally made your way over here!
  11. Hey Lionlaw!!! About time you showed your pretty face in these parts!!!

    I'm with CB on this one and think the LMMidi would look stunning.

    Jackie would most certainly allow different sizes of this bag to complete the bespoke, so anyone who's IN for a LM mini, midi, or regular, let's start a list. I'd be happy to get a bespoke going for those who want this style.
  12. I'll be the first to jump in:

    citychris - regular LM with silver hardware
  13. Lionlaw, you came for the pebbled glossies!! yay. I actually am watching both this and the hug me.....not to do both, but I adore the LM Mini and this is would look nice with wine pebbled glossy and silver hardware. But the Hug Me is more drapy....then there is hobo #2!
  14. I am right there with you Euridice-watching both this one (for me, it would be the Midi with silver HW) and the hug me. Cant do both...would love to! But just cant. Decisions, decisions.....:nuts:
  15. Somehow I found my butt here too and keep looking at the BE site saying... hmmm. LM Midi in this gorgeous leather.. silver hardware....
    Can we get the grey lining?? I think that fuschia against wine would be .. not right..?
    I saw the grey lining in someones black pebbled handbag.

    What are the steps- how much do we put up first and then when is the remained due?
    How much is the midi?