Bespoke/Tailored Suits for Women in the US

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  1. I have been looking for months for a master tailor that can make me a bespoke and/or custom tailored suit using high quality materials (Dormeuil,Zegna and Loro Piana etc.)

    However, all I can find are Savile Row tailors who do tours in the US (only for men's suit) and ditto with Hong Kong tailors who do tours of the US. Also, to make matters worse its the same with the good US tailors (Chang, etc.. here in LA).

    Anyone, know there if there is any master tailors in the United States and/or do tours of the US who will also tailor Women's suits?

    As a side note: I'm so annoyed that all briefcases/card carriers are only in the Men's Section of stores. Moreover, 99.9% of Women's suits here are either frumpy, too fashion, sexy, or casual.
  2. I want answers to this too! I cannot find suits that fit! :flowers:
  3. i know a master tailor who specializes in both bridal and suiting. she lives in phoenix but travels to l.a. regularly. she is excellent at fitting for a woman's body. if you want her info, send me a pm.
  4. Try Agnona. The are ready to wear womens version of Zegna