Bespoke Reminder!

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  1. It's easy to forget that there's a Belen Echandia Shopping Area!

    Don't forget to go check out the newest bespokes over there. And, if you come up with a bespoke that you know we all really need, post details about it and get it going! I never knew I needed a pewter Love Me until KatieFin all but dragged me into the bespoke by the roots of my hair. Yes, you did KatieFin, so don't deny it. The result? Mr. Pewter!!!

    BESPOKES <------- :drool::nuts::yahoo:
  2. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!!!!!!

    Please do check out the Shopping!

    Lots of fun group bespokes to join in on! :yahoo:
  3. I spend too much time there in "Shopping" I am afraid. lol
  4. Naaaa ahhhhhh allysar :nogood: Never too much time in there!
  5. Yes, check out the Blue Crash Hold me!!! ;)
  6. ^^Yes, check it out!!:graucho: