Bespoke or Brand?

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  1. If you could have bespoke shoes made to your specifications for approximately a half the price of designer pairs, which would you choose? Would you have custom beauties or still shell out for designer labels? For the purposes of the poll, assume they're of comparable (if not identical) quality.
  2. IF I could commission a shoe which is comfortable and supportive - as supportive as the designers I currently enrich - and cute -

    Where do I hand over my money?

    The sticking point is that the shoes do have to be as comfortable and supportive. I've purchased a wide range of designers and styles, and sadly, the more expensive ones are also the better built.

    I will not abandon my arches in support of my wallet.
  3. I'm with vintage ^^. If I could get a pair of custom shoes for a semi-reasonable amount, I would do it in a heartbeat (like less than $1000).

    But let's face it...I want both. Louboutin offers bespoke services--the initial fee for the last is about $4500 plus the cost of the shoe plus a 30% premium.

    If I could afford the last I would do it in a New York minute.
  4. i think a custom made pair of shoes would be worth much more to me than a designer label pair. i wish i knew how to have some made!
  5. Am mildly surprised this thread didn't get more interest... for me it's not only a question of price, but then also copyright - if they were being made to your specification, would you have inspired versions of (simple) designer styles you liked? Also, what's a brand worth? I have bespoke shoes made often, but there's still something terrific about a red sole...
  6. Madam, you cannot drop a statement like that without details.