Bespoke news..from Jackie

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  1. Our bespoke orders have been extremely popular recently and as everyone knows these do take a lot longer to produce one by one (and good artisan producers are hard to come by). At the same time our atelier is producing the spring orders for stores and for our site.

    We will send an email out to all those who have ordered recently to give them a rough idea of when their bags will be ready. But for the sake of good, clear communication I wanted to let everyone know that for any new bespoke orders - even group orders - we are now looking at around mid-Feb to early March as a rough estimate before they can start to be produced.

    In other words, we have a bit of a waiting list at present.

  2. Thanks Jackie for keeping us all current!:smile:
  3. Thanks, it will help keep us mindful. Now I have plenty of time to make up my mind especially knowing I wouldn't receive it till mid-april or so.
  4. Hee me more time to save $$$
  5. I totally agree!!!:nuts:
  6. Thanks, Jackie! :smile:

    This is actually not bad news at all for others, I can save more $ this way!
    But just to be clear, lovely Belenistas: does this mean that I bag that I just did a bespoke for won't be available until mid-april or so? (This works well for me).
  7. This just gives me more time to appreciate the bags I have. Hopefully, I can get my money tree to bloom while I wait :P