Bespoke Mulberry

  1. Wow £2500 for a Mulberry thats a totally new level , to high for me , luckily I`m not a big fan of Ostrich leather and can`t see what all the fuss is about ! its like somebody with really bad skin !!

    Mind you the pink roxanne looks rather nice , dread to think how much it is and the gunmetal looks rather good too ....... Mmmm.... dream on...
  2. OOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!! bit rich for my blood,but will def keep a note of that in my faves,you never know!!!!
  3. OMG - £250 extra to get your initials engraved on the lock of a Darwin leather Bayswater?! They had a gunmetal Bayswater in Selfridges so it's not like the colour is *that* rare.

    And I love how they give you the option to purchase hanging initials as an extra!

    Not sure I'll be using this service anytime soon :lol:
  4. Me neither :nuts:
  5. lol, that sure cured me from any dreams about an ostrich bayswater!!! Not that I was planning to get one, I really like the normal Mulberry leathers! Darwin was my first love and I'll stick to that...
  6. I also thought I didn't like ostrich leather until I saw some Hermès bags. And the price for a Mulberry ostrich is definitely more human, plus I know I would use a Bayswater far more often, and the waiting time of 6 to 8 weeks is almost nothing. I'm now wondering about the colors - does anyone know what cyprus looks like? Generally I think such a bag should be in a fairly neutral color.
  7. Yep,I must agree,when I saw ostrich on Hermes bags it totally changed my opinion of it,I thought Vic Beckhams little fuschia one was gorgeous!!