Bespoke for wine pebbled glossy anyone?

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I decided last night that I simply MUST have a BE in the wine pebbled. I keep going back and forth between a large HM OR a TME. I"m leaning toward the HM since thats my favorite style for everyday. It's a bit more casual then the TME which fits perfect for my lifestyle. But, I can't imagine not having at least one or two good TME's in my collection.

    I thought I'd start this thread to gauge interest. My first preference is for the wine HM but if there's not enough for the group order then I"m flexible enough to be persuaded into a wine pebbled TME.

    SO: Please Post here for those that are interested in the wine HM AND/OR the TME. I"ll then go from there and know just what to do next!;)

    Reminder, the hug me bespoke would include all sizes. And the TME bespoke would also include the midi as well as full size!
  2. I'd be interested in a TME or LM!
  3. Thanks Chris. I"m placing your name on my list today. I"m going to keep a careful record of everyone that posts here with their preferences.
  4. I'm interested in a LM or Hug Me.
  5. I'm interested in wine, and not sure if it's a hug me large, TME midi, or LM mini. Or...something else...? thanks for starting this. I'll be monitoring and trying to decide about the choco as well!!
  6. Thanks Ladies.

    I keep staring at my large HM now and realizing just how gorgeous wine would look in a HM style.

    I"m leaning toward that still.....

    Anyone else for a Hug Me in wine?
  7. I'm very interested in a HM small size. But would like to see the new Hobo and TMA Midi first to see if I like those better.
  8. this the wine pebbled glossy that is like the Prada leather that Jackie doesn't have yet? Or is it for the leather that she has used before. If it is like the Prada leather, I would definitely want a bag in that. But, I am leaning towards a TMA.

    Serene, I am going to check out a regular size HM so if you want to see it IRL, let me know!!!
  9. I am interested depending on the timeline.
  10. Depending on the timeline, I might be persuaded to order the small/regular Hug Me.
  11. #11 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    Maybe a TMA, TMA Midi or a Hobo 2? Perhaps a LM but not a very strong perhaps as I already have 3.
  12. Definately a Hug Me. I'm having two TMEs coming in, and altough I have two Hug Mes-they are larger, and of more use for me ;)

    Why don't you start one of these polls??
  13. This leather sounds lovely. I'd be interested in Love Me or a TMA, leaning toward the LM.
  14. yay, a poll!
  15. Could it be a poll where you can choose more than one option please?