Bespoke for Aubergine LM/LMMidi/LMMini!!!

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  1. Ok......arm twisted into a knot here, anyone up for the LM in gorgeous Aubergine?? Sizes can be combined into one bespoke (reg, Midi, or Mini) and choice/colour of hardware is YOURS!!!- as is lining colour.

    Here's our list so far.....only 5 more! (TL, you're a dangerous influence!)

    1- TLloveshim
    2- Loquita
    3- Contessa

  2. uh, what about...the charm me?
  3. .........and the Hug me? :amuse:
  4. Now it's all about the LOVE ME, BABY!!!

    Woooohoooo!! Contessa is the bestest!!!
  5. what are the prices for these bags ? have they changed?
  6. LOL TL!!! LOL...... lost 10 need a little treat.....a LM in Aubergine!

    .....and a martini :graucho:
  7. Well Contessa, now that you mention it -- my goal was after I lose 25 lbs, I put a deposit on a bespoke bag.... maybe I could cheat a little (since i'm not cheating on my diet, it should be okay to cheat on my diet goals??) ...... I have been doing so well!

    I definitely want something in aubergine. I just wish I could see the color first -- and i'm torn between the LM or the Charm me --

    Reasons for the LM:
    - the LM is my most favorite bag style ever, so I will definitely love the style
    - I have 2 full size, and 1 mini, but no MIDI .. so I have a hole in my collection!
    - I may or may not like the charm me

    I think I have it worked out!!! I need a LM midi .. HOWEVER I really really wanted one in Navy sheen. I suppose I could put the on hold for a bit...

    When are you thinking for final payment on this?

    PS Martini time!!!
  8. Based on my girlfriend's LM midi - I think this is going to be my fav style also!
  9. Prices w/o bespoke discount:

    Love Me $748
    LM Midi $695 (I think)
    LMM $599

    I would guess that final payment/shipping date would be sometime in March or April, right? I can't remember what Jackie said about new bespokes. But it'd give time to save!!!

    Finz, you totally need to do this!! You deserve it! Congrats on 10 pounds!
  10. omg i want one! i'm trying to be good! i'm going to think about a bit more, but maybe an lm midi with two zippers on the front with the BE zippers not tassels if possible! when are you thinking about getting it ready for? because i think i read somewhere that jackie said orders now wouldn't start being made until late feb/march.
  11. I think that the aubergine is going to be perhaps "too purple" for me... I'm still lusting after a navy sheen LM --- contessa -- want to orgainze that bespoke for me??? you're sooooo good at it!!!
  12. Oh and I think Rose told me it's £399 for the midi atm for those in the UK
  13. Contessa - Do you happen to have a photo of a swatch of aubergine up your sleeve?
  14. Here's a picture from the BE chart that Rose sent me --

    she said it was "like that of a reddish plum fruit"

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  15. Alright, twist my pinkie, count me in for a Love Me Midi :smile: I have a LM and the mini is too small, so a midi would be perfect!

    Finzup, the Charm Me is similar in style to the MMS - an east/west classic style, with the old braided handles and no side buckle detail. If you like the MMS midi, then you will definitely like the charm me, especially if you like a wide open space bag. And the navy sheen is REALLY nice!!!! Since we STILL cannot locate our camera (revenge of the toddler!), i'm going to take a pic of it with either my husband's cell phone or my son's kid's digital camera, which i totally forgot we have! it doesn't have the best flash, so my husband's camera might be better...have to test them out.

    10 lbs definitely equals a new bag in my book.