Bespoke for a Natural Hug Me anyone??

  1. Just thought I'd toss this out there as I'm wearing my large black pebbled Hug Me today and was thinking it would look awesome in NATURAL :graucho:

    Jackie also told me the Hug Me can double as a RUCKSACK!!!! Bonnie, where are you???!!!!! I tried it and it works!!!!!

    This bespoke is for the NATURAL colour only and would include all the sizes, hw choice is up to you, handle length etc.....

    I was also thinking of the Enchant Me in Natural, but the Hug Me is AMAZING in the pebbled just want to HUG IT!!!! Natural would be perfect for the summer......even Fall....heck all year 'round!

    Btw.....there's a GROUP BESPOKE option on the BE website now to make our lives easier! Imagine that!!!
  2. Contessa, I think that you should change your user ID to "the Temptress."

    I have a feeling that this bespoke is going to fill up fast!!

    I am signing up now. :nuts:
  3. I am interested in this, AND the Be Mine option. I would go with whichever option gets off the ground. I'm going to stick with the Be Mine for the moment. TL has already ordered hers so she is good to go if no one else joins us so I think I am on good, ethical purse grounding here!!!! yay
  4. I double what Euridice just said:p
  5. Ha you Ladies! I do! Sandy, you're cute!

    Something to consider......the Be Mine is beautiful, but a more structured style. It's also more dressy and business-like whereas the Hug Me is definitely more casual, slouchy, and relaxed. These are TWO totally different bags.

    Now......personally, I prefer the Hug Me because I love the relaxed look and the fact that it's so incredibly huggable! I think the cervo leathers definitely suit the less structured bags better- not that the cervo won't look fab in the BM, it will, but it's basically structure vs. slouch.
  6. Kind of like these :love:
  7. Wonder who the Temptress is now ;)
  8. I agree. The BM is a lovely bag, and I got it in the pearl.peb.Mustard. (well, a DIL has it now) it is def. a bag with structure and I could be worried that it'll sag too much without a strong base, and then the style is no longer there.

    But back to the bespoke...I had thought of a light coffee or a beige taupe in these lighter shades, but a natural will be great too!

    So count me in!! :graucho:

    A rucksack you try this
  9. I agree that they are two different kinds of bags. I also have the same concerns about structured in the Be Mine. But I believe TL heard from JAckie that is would work, so she went ahead and ordered.

    At any rate, I predict that this bespoke will be a go, and I think there is a good chance I will join you!!
  10. I know Jackie has difficulty deciding between the Natural & Cream! But I know that Natural will be a fantastic neutral. far we have:

    1- Contessa (large, gold hw, pale blue lining!!!)
    2- Loquita
    3- Bonniekir
    4- Sandysandiego
    5- Euridice

    Ladies......any thoughts on lining colour?? I'm up for anything but grey! (don't kill me, but grey is my least fave choice)
  11. i think the light blue lining would be lovely. how i wish the large HM worked as a messenger bag for me! i would be all over this bespoke.
  12. I'm in love with the pale blue lining myself......and might just go with that one!

    Thanks for the suggestion Kicks! :smile:
  13. Definitely the light blue!
  14. Yes, light blue is the way to go, I think. I agree with y'all.
  15. Yipeee!!!

    Contessa, did you already do the group bespoke option on BEC? Just wondering....:whistle: