Bespoke dress websites -


Mar 10, 2008
Hi ladies!

Just wondering if any of you have any personal experience with this website and have ordered a dress. It is a relatively new service, and only started shipping to the US recently -

It is a custom dress website where you can actually input your specific measurements, design your own dress and receive it in less than two weeks! Cool, right? Anyway, I was hoping someone here might have one, as I'd love to see a photo of someone's actual end product, in real life.

I know there are a few similar websites out there, so if any of you have ordered custom, made-to-fit dresses elsewhere, please share!

- Colleen


New Member
Aug 21, 2009
Hello Coleen,

I ordered a dress and it was amazing, exactly what I specified! The fit was perfect and it arrived on time. I would highly recommend this experience, if you are trying to find something specific or individual then this site is a gem! :woohoo: