Bespoke Designer Jewellery

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  1. Does anyone know any nice Bespoke Jewellery retailers in England, i'm looking for something thats understated yet still nicely crafted (anything really, pendant/ring, whatevers nice) (Its for a gift :biggrin:)
    Please don't suggest Cartier/Bulgari/VC&A (I don't like going for mass produced same design brands :p)
    Vivek :biggrin:
  2. Hello hunny,mmmmm trying to think of something that you can get sorted out if its for xmas,as quite soon a lot of jewellers will stop taking orders for handmade items,let me have a think and I'll get back to you,oh, do you have a budget? If thats not a rude question, might help me to put you onto something without wasting your time by coming up with an item etc way off mark.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  3. I've always found Jess James really good, had a few rings made and they've always been great. They're based in Soho.