Besides Vlad & Megs ?

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  1. Which two people would make a great President and First Lady ?

    And Why ?

    Be Creative as you like :

    Keep it clean. ( LOL )
  2. Jon Stewart would make a great Pres.
  3. I think Oprah would make a good president. I know it sounds crazy but she is smart, a great mediator, funny, and people feel that they can connect and identify with her.

    Stedman can be the 1st boyfried.:lol:
  4. Agreed! :biggrin: Samantha Bee can be First Lady, even though they're not married :P
  5. Actuall Pradasmeadow,
    your looking pretty good for nomination!
  6. Hahaha... I can't imagine that, but it sure would be funnY! :amuse:
  7. president david palmer from 24. he kicks ass!!
  8. Of course you would Megs. Since you would have all the power you could give out yearly stipends for bags!!!! $5,000 min per person! I like that idea :idea:
  9. haha, yes!

    He always seems so trustworthy in the car insurance commercials too. :-P
  10. Oprah or Hillary Clinton as the President, not the First Lady. I just think they're both power ladies and will make great candidates.
  11. I'd be one of those 'unfair' presidents, and treat all of the people of the forum to quite a bit more than that! :idea:
  12. :shame: What !!! LOL
  13. Well,
    by the looks of your posts, you are very organized, have lots of great ideas:idea: , and wow are you dedicated to this forum. Just the kind of girl the good ol' U.S. could use!:biggrin:
  14. Thank you so much !!!!

    That White house sure does look good, all that closet space.:suspiciou