Besides the Speedy, what LV's do you consider classic/iconic?

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  1. Any other timeless favorites?
  2. Alma :love:

    It is so elegant in Damier.. I have the MC one.. it's such a fun piece.
  3. LOL was about to post the Alma but obviously someone beat me to the punch.

    But I'd have to say the's also a classic.
  4. Ladies, I am with you on both, Alma AND Noe!!!:love:
  5. i'd say the Papillon too
  6. well..from the ones NOT said...I would say the's luggage at its best!
  7. I think the BH is heading that way too.
  8. Go Alma !
  9. the Keepall :biggrin:
  10. Bags that I consider classic:
    Ellipse Shopper [Not sure if that's the name... but the GM one with the long handles]
  11. The bucket
  12. Cabas Piano.
  13. Almost all LV bags that come in different materials are classic timeless such as: speedy (mono,epi,MC,mini,damier,nomade,vernis)
    Alma;(Mono,epi,mini (haut), MC,Nomade,damier,satin,exotic leather)
    Trocadero (Mono,epi)
    Bucket:sad:mono ,satin,damier(marais)
    Papillon:sad:Mono,damier,satin,vernis(bedford?) )
    Bologne(mono, satin)

    on and on..
  14. Alma:love:
  15. When I think of classic LV(aside from Speedy), the Pochette, Alma, Noe, and Keepall come to mind.
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