Besides the popular Violet and Jaune, which color would you pick???

  1. so obviously from people's postings..we are all excited about the new colours: purple and yellow in particular!! so..just wondering..if those colours weren't present..
    what is the next best color? or the color that you would pick (from the NEW colors)??
  2. I am waitlisted for a plomb city w/silver gh. Would like to see other colors IRL before deciding on them.
  3. the dark olive - or whatever that new green is
  4. Gwen, that sounds amazing!

    What does everyone think of the green vert fonce that will be coming out? I can't find a pic of the new clutch that was shown a while ago w/ gh, I believe it was the new green.

    Aside for being on the list for violet w/ rh, I think that I want the new green. A juane acces. is a must to. I am an rh girl. I love seeing everyone else's gh, but not for me.

    What is everyone else thinking about?
  5. The Plomb
  6. I am very interested to see the Sienna color, to see what kind of tones & undertones it has... I am going to call BalNY and talk to my SA about it this week...

    From the screen shots, it looks like it could be either a rich burgundy color, or a tobacco red brown... I would prefer more of the burgundy/maroon. When I received an email back from my SA this weekend, she said that was the closest, but I want to talk to her some more about it...

    Also... I'm thinking I at least want a cute little accessory in Ocean Blue!! (A makeup case perhaps?)
  7. :confused1:
    oohhh* a new green?? I missed that on the to see a bigger picture of the green if anyone can find it in these threads!!

    and what do you ladies think of the mastic? is it similar to truffle?:confused1:
  8. Blue, Mastic Or Plomb
  9. If I wasn't getting Sandstone I'd be interested in the Mastic... but I'm not really into any of the color swatches to be honest. I know yellow will be hot, but I can't see me carrying around a yellow bag alot.
  10. I am having enough trouble trying to determine if I'll get I'm not sure yet on anything else. As usual, I will probably realize too late that I really like a color only to find that it's sold out and then have to hunt it down on eBay. :shrugs:
  11. Some more...



    here's a photo of the green!
  12. I'm liking the Ocean (blue) probably in a PT with Silver GH. Still not sure about violet unless it's a purple with blue in it.
  13. thanks!!! so it looks like it is a DARK green huh? it seems darker than the greens that we have before! almost blackish? :wtf:
  14. I just noticed this clutch at top left is violet w/black! Can't wait for the violet bags to arrive!
  15. i'm really excited about the new rouge color that's coming out. :smile: in a first, hopefully!