Besides the Paddington, which is your favourite Chloe style?

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Besides the Paddy, which is your favourite Chloe style?

  1. Bay

  2. Edith

  3. Betty

  4. Silverado

  5. Gladys

  6. Ascot

  7. Tracey

  8. Ava

  9. Tekla

  10. Something I've forgotten to list (sorry)....

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I am curious..... :shrugs:

    Chloe has some really lovely styles but they all tend to get overshadowed by the Paddington :king:

    So, aside from the Paddy, which is your fav and why?

    For me it is the Betty, just ahead of the Silverado. I love the functionality of the bag as well as the way it looks :supacool::love:

    Your opinions are appreciated guys :flowers:
  2. It would be a tie between python silverados and the bracelet bags. I love the betty also, but can't find a reason to get more than one of those.
  3. i really like the Edith, but current favourite is the unquilted Bay
  4. Definitely the BETTY. I do love the look of the Silverado, Bay, Edith, Ava, and the Patchwork styles..but Betty is my absolute favorite Chloe style..
  5. I love the Silverado. Both the leather and python styles.
  6. I voted Betty
  7. I love the chain strap betty. I have thought about it for a while and one popped up on BG:nuts:.Let's hope the order goes through:s.
  8. Oy, I can't choose only 1???:sweatdrop: I have to say the Betty, the Bay and the python Silverados!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Silverado hands down for me, in fact, (dare i say it!) i think i like it more than the Paddington! :shocked:
  10. I voted for Silverado after the Paddy :heart: But the paddy had so many neat shapes in and of itself, maybe that deserves it's own thread :graucho:
  11. I vote for the Betty. I love mine. I also love the Bay, but I don't own one, so BETTY it is!
  12. I love silverados!!! They're gorgeous!!!!
  13. love-love-love the BETTY!!! then the Sylverado in python :smile:
  14. I really love the quilted bay and the double framed Maggie. They are two of my favourite bags of all time. Yum!!
  15. Although, I don't have one (yet), I like the Betty and then the Ava. But the Paddy is my favorite for sure.